A comprehensive analysis of the process of opening a Bing Ads overseas advertising account! Essential for novice sellers

Guide for opening a Bing Ads overseas account - essential for new sellers

Comprehensive analysis of Microsoft Bing Ads overseas advertising account opening process! Essential for novice sellers.

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How to open a Bing promotion account, and what is the account opening process for Bing ads? This is a problem that all enterprises who are putting Bing ads for the first time will encounter. In order to help answer everyone’s doubts, this article will introduce the relevant process of Bing promotion account opening, hoping to help you understand the specific process of opening a Bing promotion account.

The opening process of Bing advertising promotion account:

First, we need to open an account on Bing in order to advertise on it. So how do we open an account? Just contact the agent.

Secondly, now that you have found the agent, the next step is simple. Follow the information provided by the customer service to submit the qualifications and you can start advertising. Want to know what qualifications are required to open an account?

Thirdly, after submitting the qualifications, it’s time to pay. This is inevitable. Pay according to the company’s public account provided, and then we will submit the information to Microsoft headquarters. It will take two to three working days. Note that this cannot be done by oneself, so imitating Microsoft will not pass.

Fourthly, assuming that you have already obtained the account, and you are operating it personally, it is time to manage the account. If you have had experience in account operation before, then it will be an easy job.

Fifthly, when you have the basics and can independently create an advertising group, it is time to optimize your advertising account. There are many small details to pay attention to in optimization, such as how to reduce conversion costs, how to optimize ad language, and so on.

Bing Product Advantages

1. Bing promotion covers 34 countries and regions globally

2. Bing and Yahoo! work together with outstanding results

3. Bing users have high quality and purchasing power

4. Bing promotion supports content promotion, with more advertising resources

5. According to third-party statistics, the ROI of Bing+Yahoo! is 11% higher than that of a well-known search engine, and its advantages are constantly expanding, making it an effective promotion method for Chinese export-oriented enterprises.

6. According to third-party statistics from comScore, the average annual salary of Bing search users in the United States is as high as $62,000. Among all well-known search engines, Bing search users have a higher purchasing power index, which is 116% higher than that of general internet users.

7. Content advertising refers to text ads displayed on Microsoft and Yahoo’s own websites and partner websites. When a user browses content on Microsoft and Yahoo’s own websites and partner websites that meets the matching requirements, ads that match the requirements will be displayed. For example, if a user is browsing an article about kayaking in the Pacific on a website, ads about selling kayaks or tourism will be displayed. Yahoo and Bing media website alliances have up to 37 billion monthly ad impressions, which can give your brand and products huge exposure opportunities on mainstream overseas network media and cover a large number of external customers.

8. Flexible budget: You can control the advertising budget and the maximum cost of media clicks, and flexibly control the cost and output of advertising investment.

9. Accurate positioning: Support positioning of devices, regions, and time on the Internet, achieve targeted delivery, and help you reach matching users.

10. Controllable effect: Comprehensive and transparent effect reports help you easily grasp and optimize the delivery effect. Bing Ads advertising is keyword advertising. When users search for related keywords, if the purchased keywords of the advertiser match the user’s search keywords to a high degree, the advertiser’s ads will be displayed in front of the user. In this process, the bid is quite important, because the advertiser uses the bid to make their ads appear. The higher the bid, the higher the priority of the ad display. If the bid is too low, the ad content will be displayed later. As for how to adjust the bid specifically, it is better to consult a professional advertising optimization specialist!

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