Step-by-step guide on how to optimize your links to improve PPC performance

Guide to optimize links for better PPC performance

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How to optimize your Amazon Listing to better attract target shoppers, improve ranking, and maintain consistent storefront style?

1. Utilize your keyword research

The foundation for a successful product advertisement is built upon a strong set of keyword research that serves the product. Regardless of whether you have done it before, it doesn’t matter. If you plan to run ads on Amazon PPC, you will need a new set of keyword data. We can use this data in the listing.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has stated that they will analyze our keyword lists. Therefore, we need to ensure that every mentioned keyword is 100% relevant to our product and market. If there are some irrelevant keywords included, they will be ranked naturally.

For example, when selling headphones, mentioning “headphones” once is okay, but repeating it will only provide ranking for your headphone listing. It won’t be easy to convert someone who searches for it.

Once you have a set of keyword data, you need to break it down from the highest search volume to the lowest. First, pick about 10 primary keywords with different search volumes.

This set of keywords is strictly for wireless headphones (with noise reduction and microphone):

Some common keywords that are excluded from this list include: earphones, headset, wired, and branded keywords.

There are many other low search volume keywords that you can find elsewhere, but this primary collection is important for your Amazon title and key points.

2. How to write five-point descriptions?

Knowing which keywords to include is one thing, but you need to logically include them in the listing to help shoppers easily find information about your product.

When shoppers visit your product page, they want to confirm if it is the product they want to buy. In other words, whether it has specific features to meet their specific expectations, whether it is price or social proof and other factors.

Therefore, when writing these five points, it is important to consider the types of information shoppers may want to know. This is easy to do, we can focus on the product features, as shown in the following format:

●BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES – insert about two sentences to discuss this feature

●NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES – insert about two sentences to discuss this feature

●HEADPHONES WITH MICROPHONE – insert about two sentences to discuss this feature

●SMARTPHONE COMPATIBLE – insert about two sentences to discuss this feature

●COMFORTABLE OVER-EAR HEADPHONES – insert about two sentences to discuss this feature

By using the best keywords in our list as part of the capitalized word features, we have repeated the keywords once. Although the most frequently searched keywords can be repeated more than once, try to include long-tail keywords and avoid irrelevant keywords to keep the keywords highly targeted to the product and keyword research.

As part of optimizing the listing, we should remember: Although writing long points is a good way to include a large number of keywords, it can also distract shoppers’ attention. If your text is more than three lines, consider shortening your points to make them more concise.

3. Description and backend keywords

Finally, we need to optimize our descriptions and backend keywords. When it comes to improving your natural search performance, the weight of the description is minimal. This is also true if you choose A+ content. This is actually just another opportunity to discuss your product in more detail and help you make sales. If you can use A+, you can use many pictures to discuss product features.

4. Summary

Correctly optimizing your listing can help Amazon understand and interpret it correctly. Amazon can only “read” your listing by interpreting keywords and analyzing how Amazon shoppers use it to understand it. A well-optimized listing will not only help with natural ranking, but also improve PPC advertising performance, as Amazon can determine which keywords your listing is suitable for bidding on.

The success of PPC will accelerate the speed of sales, which in turn will accelerate the improvement of your natural ranking. If we do not consider our listing with such attention, it will only damage our natural ranking and the performance of paid advertising.

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