June Cross-Border Marketing Calendar Released, Starting the Overseas Order ‘Harvesting Season’

June Cross-Border Marketing Calendar Released for Overseas Order Season

If every month were given a keyword, then June would definitely be “harvest”.

The summer breeze blows, the wheat waves roll, the earth turns from green to yellow, and the harvest season is about to begin.

Graduation is approaching, and the college entrance examination and thesis defense have become the main theme on campus. Another group of young people are reminiscing about their youthful past.

And for those of you in the cross-border circle, are you still working the latest shift and enduring the longest nights…

Keep your head down and pull the cart, but also look up and watch the road! Today, Shoptop will share with you the June overseas marketing nodes to help you light up the navigation beacon for going global.

International Children’s Day

June 1st

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Many countries around the world celebrate Children’s Day on June 1st. Schools will hold various celebration activities, parents will prepare gifts carefully for their children, and many companies and organizations will also take the opportunity to launch activities, such as gift giving.

For cross-border sellers, Children’s Day is undoubtedly a great opportunity for explosive sales, and many categories are suitable for marketing.

Product selection recommendations

Toys + Stationery: Stationery and toys are more conventional and popular product categories, such as puzzles, toy cars, dolls, and building blocks for educational toys, as well as pens, notebooks, skateboards, and children’s books for learning.

Sports equipment: More and more parents are encouraging their children to exercise, therefore, sports-related products may also have a sales peak during Children’s Day, such as basketballs, jerseys, skateboards, etc.

Electronic products: Many parents also take advantage of Children’s Day to buy some relatively expensive electronic products, such as children’s watches, learning machines, electronic keyboards, 3D printing pens, etc.;

Summer accessories: Children’s Day coincides with the beginning of summer vacation in many different countries, and summer brings many opportunities for outdoor activities. Swimsuits, hats, sandals, and sunglasses are excellent gifts for children who are ready to enjoy the fun in the sun.

Party decorations: As the number of celebration activities increases, the demand for party supplies such as balloons and ribbons will also increase. In addition, masks, children’s creative clothing, and other items will also become more popular.

Marketing suggestions

1. Discounts and promotions

Launch promotional activities to make parents who purchase gifts feel the discount intensity. Shoptop merchants can use marketing tools such as backend discounts, time-limited promotions, discount codes, pop-up announcements, and bundled sales to increase exposure and promote the holiday season.

2. Product descriptions

Market around the themes of “gifts” and “children” to attract consumers’ attention; highlight keywords such as “Children’s Day gifts”, “gifts”, “boys/girls gifts” in product descriptions.

3. Social media marketing

Brands can actively participate in the #childrensday hashtag on social media, launch activities related to children, such as children’s painting competitions, and use incentives such as setting prizes and coupons to attract fans to participate, thereby increasing brand awareness.

NBA Finals & UEFA Champions League Finals

June 1-18 & June 10

NBA Finals & UEFA Champions League

Source: Google

The NBA Finals and the UEFA Champions League Finals are two important sporting events in June, and they are also a feast for basketball and football fans.

Therefore, the target market is in the United States and Europe, or sellers related to the sports industry should pay attention.

Product Suggestions

Viewing products: 4K Ultra HD TVs, projectors, portable Bluetooth speakers, sports cameras, telescopes, etc.

Event atmosphere products: cheering flags, hanging paintings, phone cases, tablet covers, ornaments, balloons, colored flags, etc.

Sports products: basketballs, football jerseys, sneakers, etc.

Marketing Suggestions

For small and medium-sized brand sports marketing, social media marketing is the main focus. You can participate in popular hashtag topics such as #NBA, #NBAFinals, #uefachampionsleague, #UEFA to create content.

In addition, brands can use the real-time interactive sections of various social media platforms, such as Twitter’s #NBA Twitter Live, to release some easy-to-digest content such as game commentary to attract fans’ attention to their own brand.

Brazilian Valentine’s Day

June 12

Dia dos Namorados

Source: Google

Valentine’s Day in Western countries is usually on February 14th, while in Brazil it is on June 12th.

This is a popular holiday in Brazil, where people usually send flowers, gifts, and cards to their lovers to express their love.

Product Suggestions

Greeting cards, jewelry, perfume, clothing, beauty and personal care products, belts, wallets, watches, chocolates, stuffed toys, and all other products that can be given as gifts.

Marketing Suggestions

Be sure to add holiday keywords such as “Valentine’s Day gifts,” “love,” and “happiness” in the product descriptions.

Promote your brand through social media, for example, by offering free gift boxes or greeting cards with product purchases.

Shoptop merchants can use free templates to decorate their independent websites in advance with Valentine’s Day themes, creating a festive atmosphere.

Father’s Day

June 18th

Father’s Day

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More than 50 countries and regions around the world celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, and most customs are related to gift giving, family gatherings, or activities.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day selection and marketing are also very targeted.

Product Suggestions

Clothing, accessories, 3C electronic products, and daily necessities such as razors are popular Father’s Day gifts, so many categories of sellers have the opportunity to boost sales on this day.

The most popular Father’s Day gifts in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), include special outings, clothing, gift cards, electronics, personal care items, home and gardening tools, tools and appliances, sports and recreational items, automotive accessories, and greeting cards.

Marketing Suggestions

1. Discounts and special offers

Sellers can try “bundle sales + discounts”, such as buying a suit and getting a free tie; buying a shirt and getting a free collar; buying a shaver and getting a gift box; buying a skincare product and getting a trial pack, etc.

2. Operational preparation

Brands can decorate their independent websites in advance, highlighting the festive atmosphere; closely following popular search terms during the festival, such as “Father’s Day gifts”, “custom Father’s Day gifts”, etc.

3. Social media marketing

Brands that have the conditions can collaborate with KOLs to promote their main products through unboxing videos and other methods, and encourage fans to use specific tags (such as #MyDadMyHero) on social media to share their moments with their fathers, in order to increase brand exposure.

618 Shopping Festival

June 18th

618 Shopping Festival

Image source: Google

June 18th is a grand promotion event for the e-commerce industry in China. Not only will Chinese consumers go crazy over shopping on this day, but over 750,000 Chinese people from more than 200 countries, and even overseas consumers, will take advantage of this opportunity to “buy, buy, buy”. Therefore, this day is also an opportunity that sellers cannot afford to miss.

Product selection recommendations

Whether it is clothing, cosmetics, 3C digital products, fast-moving consumer goods, large household items, etc., all are suitable for the 618 promotion.

The 2021 Tmall 618 overseas transaction record shows that a Canadian bought a security booth, a Malaysian bought a mobility scooter, an Australian bought a bicycle tire patch, and a Briton bought a referee whistle…

There is nothing that consumers won’t buy overseas, so sellers in any field can make sufficient preparations for 618.

Marketing Suggestions

1. Limited-time discounts

The theme of the shopping festival is discounts, so sellers can use various promotion methods such as coupons, discount coupons, membership exclusive coupons, gifts, special price combinations, and discounted prices for slow-moving SKUs.

2. Seize the timing

For example, from May 26th to May 31st, you can start preheating, distribute coupons in advance, and presell. In the three days before June 18th, you can continue to launch the second wave of preheating to attract consumers to pay attention and make purchases.

In addition, the time nodes of different e-commerce platforms’ activities are not the same, and merchants need to pay attention to control the timing.

Dragon Boat Festival

June 22nd

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The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals, and overseas Chinese around the world will also hold various celebrations on this day. As the saying goes, “There must be promotions during festivals,” relevant sellers can also carry out promotion activities during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Product Selection Suggestions

Traditional ornaments such as sachets and colorful threads;

Artemisia-related products;

Food gifts such as zongzi gift boxes, tea gift boxes, health products gift boxes, etc.;

Cultural and art products such as dragon boat ornaments, wood carvings, and ceramics.

Marketing Suggestions

Brands can send greetings and blessings to fans through social media to create a festive atmosphere and bring the brand closer to consumers.

Eid al-Adha

June 28th-30th

Image source: Google

Eid al-Adha is one of the major festivals of Islam, also known as the Feast of Sacrifice. Usually, this is the time for relatives and friends to get together, share food, and give Eid al-Adha gift money to children.

Product Recommendations

Prayer rugs, prayer beads, Islamic books, incense, lamps, candles, and other Muslim-related items;

Traditional handicrafts such as embroidery, textiles, ceramics, and wood carvings;

Clothing and accessories such as silk scarves, watches, jewelry, clothing, and shoes.

Marketing Suggestions

Brands should be respectful of Muslim customs and traditions when marketing, and can also post holiday greetings, promotional information, etc. on social media accounts.

These are the popular marketing points for June, and we hope that sellers can have a continuous stream of sales this month, becoming a “money-making machine” and achieving a great “harvest” in overseas markets!

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