Linda Yaccarino takes over as Twitter CEO! She is set to restore advertising revenue!

Linda Yaccarino is the new Twitter CEO and will increase advertising revenue

BusinessDialogue has learned that Linda Yaccarino has been appointed as the new CEO of Twitter, with Elon Musk appointing her to take over the social network. One of the main challenges facing this executive is to attract advertisers to the platform, which has seen revenue decline since Musk took over.

A few hours after officially starting as Twitter’s CEO, she tweeted:

Musk announced in mid-May that Yaccarino would “focus mainly on business operations,” while he would focus on “product design and new social network technologies.”

The female executive hopes to improve relations with brands by bringing in former executives from NBCUniversal and Turner Broadcasting to promote business. Before Musk acquired Twitter, the advertising field accounted for 90% of the company’s revenue.

Important Administrative Changes at Twitter

Although she is currently performing her duties in New York, the new CEO of Twitter will soon move to the company’s base in San Francisco.

She also welcomed Joe Benarroch, a former colleague from NBCUniversal, who, according to the company’s internal farewell, will take on a role in business operations at Twitter.

“Welcome to the flock, Joe! From one bird to the next. Let’s get to work, Twitter! Flight time,” Benarroch replied, saying she was eager to join the “team and department to build Twitter 2.0,” a new era of technology.

It is reported that Twitter recently resigned two major executives, Ella Irwin, as Twitter’s Trust and Safety Director, and AJ Brown, as Brand Safety and Advertising Quality Director.

BusinessDialogue has learned that these resignations occurred after a documentary on gender issues caused controversy. The documentary was initially classified as hate speech and refused to be released on the platform. After complaints from its distributor and conservative media outlet The Daily Wire, it was ultimately released on Musk’s website with his personal involvement.

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