New Store Rises Ali International Station’s Evaluation of Self-Sustaining Accounts Strategy

New store boosts Ali International Station's self-sustaining account strategy

For new stores on Alibaba’s international platform, breaking through competitive barriers, attracting buyer attention, and establishing a good reputation is not easy. However, using evaluation and self-support is considered an effective strategy that can help new stores quickly increase exposure and attract buyer attention. In this article, Lin Brother will help you explore the advantages of evaluation and self-support, and provide a series of specific strategies and suggestions to help new stores succeed on Alibaba’s international platform.

1. Increase exposure: Evaluation and self-support can effectively increase the exposure of new stores, making more buyers notice your products. Through positive evaluation and high scores, your store and products will get higher rankings in search results, increasing the chances of being discovered by buyers.

2. Establish trust: As a new store, buyers often have reservations about your trustworthiness. However, evaluation and self-support can help you quickly establish trust through positive evaluations and high credibility, making buyers more willing to do business with you.

3. Increase sales and conversion rates: Evaluations and scores from evaluation and self-support can increase the sales and conversion rates of products. Buyers are more inclined to buy products with positive evaluations and high quality, so evaluation and self-support can effectively attract buyers to place orders.

4. Build reputation: Through evaluation and self-support, you can quickly accumulate positive evaluations and reputation. This will help you win word-of-mouth promotion from buyers and attract more buyers to spontaneously share your product and store information.

5. Provide decision-making basis: Evaluations from evaluation and self-support become a reference for other buyers, helping them make purchase decisions. Positive evaluations and high scores will increase buyers’ confidence in your products and increase their willingness to buy.

6. Enhance competitiveness: In the highly competitive market of Alibaba International Station, self-supporting evaluation can differentiate you from competitors. Positive evaluations and high-quality products will give you a competitive advantage in the minds of buyers.

Specific strategies and suggestions:

a. Actively seek evaluations: New stores need to actively seek evaluations from buyers. You can encourage buyers to provide positive evaluations by actively communicating with them, providing quality customer service, ensuring timely delivery of orders, etc.

b. Focus on product quality and shopping experience: To obtain positive evaluations, you need to focus on product quality and buyers’ shopping experience. Ensure that the product quality meets or exceeds buyers’ expectations and provide accurate product descriptions and clear product images.

c. Effective communication and problem-solving: For any buyer’s questions or complaints, you need to communicate promptly and effectively and actively solve problems. Good after-sales service and problem-solving ability will win buyers’ praise and trust.

d. Actively invite evaluations: After the transaction is completed, you can actively invite buyers to evaluate your store and products. Encourage buyers to leave evaluations by sending thank-you emails, providing coupons or points, etc.

e. Provide high-quality product information: On Alibaba International Station, product descriptions and images are key factors in attracting buyers’ attention. Ensure that product descriptions are accurate and detailed, and provide clear and high-quality product images so that buyers can fully understand your products.

f. Actively participate in activities and promotions: Participating in Alibaba International Station’s activities and promotions is a good opportunity to attract buyers’ attention. By participating in activities, you can increase exposure, attract more buyers’ attention and participation.

Overall, self-assessment of the store is an effective strategy for new stores to quickly break through competitive barriers and attract buyer attention on Alibaba International Station. By actively seeking evaluations, focusing on product quality and shopping experience, effectively communicating problem-solving, and providing high-quality product information, new stores can establish a good reputation and attract buyer attention and trust, thereby achieving success in a fiercely competitive market.

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