How to do overseas social media marketing promotion

Overseas social media marketing promotion - how to do it?

LinkedIn is one of the essential platforms for enterprises to conduct foreign trade promotion. Enterprises can promote their business and products, increase exposure, attract potential customers, and develop business by establishing personal relationships, sharing content, and other means. However, many enterprises do not know how to do LinkedIn marketing effectively. Today, Yuncheng Network will explore this topic with everyone.

First, create your own LinkedIn account. When creating an account, enterprises need to complete their personal information, including basic personal information, work experience, education experience, skills, and abilities. These pieces of information will help us establish contact and trust with other users. Among them, it is recommended that enterprises choose a real and more formal personal photo for their avatar because LinkedIn is ultimately a business social platform, and a more formal photo can better reflect the professionalism of the enterprise. After creating a personal account and stabilizing the account, a company homepage needs to be created. In the company homepage, the relevant information of the company needs to be filled out in detail and as many keywords as possible should be included so that it is more easily searchable by more users and can also have the opportunity to obtain Google search rankings. After creating a good company homepage, it is also necessary to decorate the background and other aspects to give it a better visual effect and showcase the strength and professionalism of the enterprise.

Second, accumulate connections. The accumulation of connections in LinkedIn marketing is very important, but it is important to note the accuracy of the connections. If the connections added are not accurate, it will not only be unfavorable for user conversion, but will also cause the system to recommend users that are more inaccurate. In LinkedIn, connections can be divided into first-degree connections, second-degree connections, and third-degree connections. First-degree connections are enterprise friends, second-degree connections are friends of friends, and enterprises can request to establish contact on their profile pages by filling out an application reason, similar to writing a development letter. Third-degree connections require membership to view information, and enterprises can join the groups they are in (members of the same group can send internal messages). Enterprises can add users who may become potential customers through keyword search or add them through email import. At the beginning of account creation, some old customers can be added to expand connections.

3. Content Marketing

For overseas social media, content marketing is very important. High-quality content can resonate with users, gain more conversions, and is more likely to be shared, commented on, and liked, increasing the popularity of the post and obtaining more exposure. LinkedIn post content creation needs to start from the perspective of the user, writing valuable content for them. Titles can use more attractive titles such as “how to X”, “the future of X”, “X tips”, “X reasons”, etc. Content can be reposted from websites or other sources, but it is better to publish original content with a combination of text and images, which is easier to attract and be loved by users. Tags can be added to the post to allow users interested in the topic to see it, but be careful not to exceed three tags.

4. Seize the Best Posting Time

According to survey data, the best posting time on LinkedIn is from 10 am to noon and from 1 pm to 4 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. These time periods are when people are most active during working days, so posting content during these times can get more attention and interaction. Posting during off-work hours and weekends will result in lower user engagement. In addition, some relaxed and interesting content can be posted on Monday and Friday mornings to attract more attention. However, the specific best posting time also needs to consider the work habits and time arrangements of the industry and target audience. Companies can find their own best posting time by testing multiple time periods.

LinkedIn is a very important overseas customer development platform. It provides rich functions and resources, allowing companies to easily carry out foreign trade promotion business. Therefore, companies need to master LinkedIn marketing skills. If you need to know more, you can always consult our online customer service.

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