Content revolution is coming, overseas 5 treasure XR + AIGC tools ignite immersive marketing

Overseas XR and AIGC tools ignite immersive marketing for upcoming content revolution

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AIGC is sweeping the marketing industry.

Marketers have always faced an important work challenge – the need to continuously create a large amount of unique and engaging content, and the emergence of AIGC may solve this dilemma. AIGC can highly match the user’s input requirements and generate strong relevant content to help marketers and more consumers develop emotional connections.

The AIGC boom is not unfounded. It is based on a series of technological innovations in the industry in the past few years: Web3.0, Metaverse, NFT, and others have provided new tool choices for marketers. Today, based on the outbreak of content, AIGC is intersecting with these technologies, making it easier and more efficient for brand owners to establish emotional connections with audiences around the world. One of the most obvious benefits is that in the past, the price of 3D content marketing was high, which made many companies shy away. Today, AIGC has reduced the cost pressure on business owners.

The mature development of AI allows anyone to create wonderful and unique content. XR technology (Extended Reality) can bring users a real and virtual combination, human-computer interactive use experience. The three-dimensional combination of AI + immersive + 3D will burst out amazing energy, helping to promote the content revolution. AIGC’s creation tools and case studies are countless, and today Morketing Global focuses on the intersection of XR and AI. Users no longer need complex coding, just prepare carefully designed artistic language for AI, and it can help you create super-realistic 3D works.

Morketing Global has summarized five treasure XR+AIGC tools for overseas marketers to help promote this content revolution with unlimited possibilities.



Utilizing AIGC to Accelerate XR Project Development

Exclusible is positioned as a “Web 3.0 one-stop-shop” that provides services including creating immersive spaces, creating NFT digital collections, and hosting Z-generation marketing activities. Its subsidiary platform, Highloop, allows marketing enterprises to easily create their own branded digital collections without coding skills or cryptocurrency wallets.

Exclusible has previously used XR and Web 3.0 technologies to provide experiences for brands such as Hugo Boss, Christian Lacroix, and Alpine. Founder Olivier Moingeon strongly advises brands not to sell NFTs, but to use this emerging technology as a long-term strategy to win customers.

Moingeon has long-term collaborations with many luxury brands and is helping them establish connections with young people. He believes that the future of fashion is digital, and in the next few years, fashion companies will make digital wearables their main business. Fashion retail brand Zara has already created digital wearables inspired by real-world items.

The Emerging Technologies program at the University of Oregon modeled NFTs for Hugo Boss in the virtual showroom of

Exclusible recently launched the experience for Hugo Boss, and users who complete relevant tasks will receive a limited edition NFT from the brand’s spring collection, which can be worn on their avatars. With the help of AI, the Exclusible team and Hugo Boss completed the exquisite 3D experience in just a few weeks, shortening the work time by several months with the use of AIGC tools.



AI Ignites 3D Creation for Everyone

In the past few months, Roblox has achieved good results.

There are three basic principles for creating the metaverse: 1. View users in the metaverse as citizens, not consumers; 2. Let the metaverse create value instead of money; and 3. Provide access to metaverse space for everyone, not just privileged participants. Roblox has created a digital space and provided users with tools to easily create virtual worlds based on these three principles.

Roblox is not just a teenage gaming platform. With over 200 million active users, they are a potential audience for brands, making it a highly promising platform. According to a report by McKinsey, collaborations with many brands have demonstrated the infinite commercial potential of the metaverse. By 2030, the metaverse may generate a market value of $4 trillion to $5 trillion in consumer and enterprise use cases.

According to a recent report by AdAge, Roblox is creating its own AIGC tool to help its community easily achieve their visions on the 3D platform. This shows that Roblox has a long-term vision and values user experience more than quick profits for investors.

Creating an AIGC tool is difficult and expensive for Roblox. However, with their own AIGC tool, they will be able to seamlessly integrate the use of tools such as Midjourney and ChatGPT for content creation. Many 3D architecture engines have applications and integrations with generative AI, achieving varying degrees of success. If Roblox can do this and combine it with their own community power, users will be able to create anything they can imagine with just a click of a mouse.

Using Roblox figures in Vans World

Nike, Vans, Chipotle, and Hot Topic are all successful brands that have partnered with Roblox. According to a McKinsey report, Nikeland on Roblox has received over 26 million visitors and sold over $185 million worth of digital shoes and clothing NFT products. This is the return on investment that immersive technology and Web3.0 strategies bring to brands.


The Combination of AIGC and XR is called the adult version of Roblox. The latest report shows that 75% of the 1 million active users on the platform are over 24 years old. has created a directly accessible 3D space where users can enter the platform from their smartphones, PCs, or even VR devices. This cross-device accessibility, as well as’s partnerships with big brands such as Hugo Boss and Benefit, have helped more users learn about the platform.

Custom 3D home spaces in

Compared with other platforms, can provide users with a more interesting interactive space, and cooperation with companies such as Ready Player Me can reduce the delay when users log in to the website, allowing everyone to log in to anytime and anywhere. Here, you can see a colorful virtual world, and everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in visiting the boss’s office or even the Buddha universe.

The powerful toolset of makes creating immersive spaces no longer complicated, and users can create a 3D family space or design a digital custom avatar in a few minutes without coding, as well as creating other types of custom games.

Currently, is developing more tools for its users, while actively collaborating with major brands to provide them with data analysis and immersive business solutions to help them enhance their own value.


Ready Player Me:

Integrating AIGC for fast personalized customization

The avatar issue has always been one of the pain points of online immersive spaces, and many brands seriously underestimate the importance of avatar selection and creation in the 3D experience. Avatars are a symbol and expression of users’ identity in virtual space and can even become the focus of product experience.

In virtual space, providing users with multiple avatar choices and allowing them to easily customize their avatars is a very important link. For a long time, many users have been troubled because they cannot customize their avatars in virtual space. Ready Player Me is committed to solving this problem through technology.

Currently, and some other platforms have started to pair up with Ready Player Me, allowing users to apply their customized avatars to various platforms. Like other technology integrations, there are still some bugs that need to be resolved on the platform. Nevertheless, this still proves that we are one step closer to the real and interoperable metaverse space. This allows users to use the same language, currency, and digital identity to roam freely in the virtual world.

Users can customize the facial features of their avatars.

Currently, over 7,500 partners support Ready Player Me’s universal avatar technology.



From text to image, artistic creation in seconds

Midjourney is a treasure for every creative agency. In the age of AI, this is no longer a secret among creators. In the past month, almost every creative team overseas has been using this image creation tool.

Midjourney can provide users with design ideas in the creative stage, helping them create attractive and popular content. The platform is very user-friendly, and visual content creators can get a lot of inspiration and assistance from it, even becoming a bit addictive to use.

An image generated in seconds on Midjourney’s Discord channel

Users only need to provide a description of the image they want to create, and Midjourney will do the rest. The more detailed and advanced the description is, the more amazing the image created by Midjourney will be.

These five XR+AI content production tools can provide overseas marketers with more marketing ideas and inspiration. In this AIGC-led content revolution, how to use AIGC tools correctly and effectively is one of the key skills that all businesses and brands need to learn.

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