Second round! Have you been hit by these PLA delivery strategies that affect ad performance?

PLA delivery strategies affecting ad performance? Hit in second round?

Operations that affect the effectiveness of PLA

Xiaoyi found that there are still many novice sellers who are still exploring PLA, so they are more cautious in the process of advertising.


Daily budget set too low;

Too few keywords are used;

Keyword bidding is set too low.

These operations may affect the competitiveness of PLA advertising and thus affect advertising performance. In this issue, Xiaoyi will continue to share relevant cases to help novice sellers create and optimize PLA advertising campaigns with more confidence.

Incorrect settings

Error 1 Daily budget set too low

The seller set the daily budget to $2, which resulted in the advertising campaign exceeding the budget as soon as it started every day.


The seller’s cost per click (CPC) exceeded $1, and the daily budget ($2) was not even enough to pay for two clicks. Therefore, after being clicked once, all items in the advertising campaign will not be able to get advanced promotional exposure until midnight the next day.


After running advanced promotions (PLA) for a period of time, it is recommended to calculate and set the daily budget according to the following formula: Daily budget = average CPC * expected clicks.

Incorrect settings

Error 1 Only one category keyword was used, with broad match and no subsequent optimization

The seller put one item listing in the advertising campaign and used only one category keyword. After using broad match for this keyword, no further optimization adjustments were made, and no negative keywords were set.


If you continue to use broad match to deliver core keywords without regular optimization later, it will result in overly broad traffic and low click-through rates and conversion rates as shown in the screenshot.


It is recommended that sellers regularly download and analyze the search query report to see if there are any high-exposure, low-click/high-click, and low-conversion search terms or irrelevant terms that need to be set to negative to improve the accuracy of broad match.

Add converting search terms to keywords to get more precise exposure opportunities. At the same time, you can also filter out irrelevant search terms in the report and add them to negative keywords to reduce ineffective spending. For selected keywords, you can choose multiple matching types for comparison.

The above are several major operations that can easily affect the effectiveness of PLA advertising. If you have any other questions about eBay advertising tools, please feel free to leave a message for Xiaoyi!

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