Cross-border e-commerce export foreign trade looks at Q1 industry trend report, select products to promote and prepare for Q2 and Q3 shopping season

Prepare for Q2 and Q3 shopping season by reviewing Q1 industry trend report for cross-border e-commerce exports and selecting products to promote

The demand remains weak and has not fully recovered, and global economic growth has slowed down. The revenue and profit of Amazon’s channel face significant pressure in the first quarter. With the recovery of overseas demand, the benefits of freight and new sites, we are optimistic about the second quarter.

1. Only 30% of Amazon sellers maintain revenue growth – 33% of sellers have grown, 17% are flat compared to the same period, and 50% are in a downward trend.

2. More than 50% of independent site sellers experienced a decline in revenue year-on-year – facing the same growth dilemma, 48% of sellers declined, 24% were flat, and only 28% grew.

3. Over 80% of sellers have not expanded their workforce – 17% of sellers have expanded their workforce, 29% have reduced it, and 54% have remained the same.

4. The main challenges are the constantly changing platform rules and inventory digestion – 23% of sellers believe that inventory digestion is still a problem, and Amazon’s new inventory management policy issued in March has increased the difficulty of clearing inventory.

5. Amazon sellers are exploring new channels such as Walmart and temu – 15% of Amazon sellers have opened up new channels with Walmart, 13% with temu, 10% with independent sites, followed by TikTok, AliExpress, Mercado, etc.

6. Nearly 40% of sellers plan to participate in the Canton Fair – offline activities have stagnated for three years, and sellers have become information islands, lack of product selection ideas, and urgently need offline conferences as a “window” to exchange information, open up ideas, and quickly understand changes in market demand.

PART: Marketing highlights in the second quarter

Easter, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day…

PART: Independence Day in the United States

The 4th of July, commonly known as Independence Day, is a day to commemorate the Declaration of Independence announced during the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, when the United States declared its independence from the British Empire. Therefore, Independence Day is also the National Day of the United States.

A festival for 300 million people, with an outdoor market of over 7 billion US dollars!

On this day, the United States will hold many activities, the most important of which is to ring the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Various celebrations will also be held in other places, most of which express patriotic sentiments, such as fireworks, parades, festivals, barbecues, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family gatherings, etc.

How individuals celebrate:

American families often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending picnics or barbecues, usually using the holiday to meet with friends and family.

After many years of development, Independence Day in the United States has evolved into a comprehensive holiday with shopping, parades, and outdoor activities.

Various floats, model cars, acrobatic cars, and children’s toys are lined up with the happy crowds in a magnificent parade. After the parade, people often gather in parks or public places to celebrate the holiday together. In a festive atmosphere, people dance or picnic on the grass, merchants are busy selling souvenirs, politicians take the opportunity to make campaign speeches, and children play various games on the lawn. Throughout the United States, there is a joyful atmosphere of the holiday.

Independence Day Essentials:

Decorations for the holiday (such as ribbons, balloons, and clothing) are typically in the colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue.

All sorts of patriotic merchandise will be in high demand, and the annual Independence Day parade has become a sea of joy, with many people dressed in various patriotic attire, parading and celebrating.

From headbands, hats, and t-shirts to aprons, flower crowns, umbrellas, and ties… Anything you can think of can express your patriotism.

Most Americans celebrate by having outdoor barbecues, watching fireworks displays, participating in Independence Day parades, traveling, and other activities. Over 60% of Americans participate in outdoor barbecues alone, generating more than $7.1 billion in spending, with an average spending of a record-breaking $73.42 per person. Additionally, over 40% of people will participate in community activities such as watching fireworks displays.

Whether it’s outdoor barbecues, watching fireworks displays, or holiday parades, Americans will have a stronger desire to go out, resulting in a wave of hot sales for barbecue equipment, parade equipment, sunscreen, and other products.

Frequent Traveling

Finally, here’s a piece of knowledge that 90% of sellers don’t know: the first week of July is typically the week when Americans travel the most.

During the Independence Day holiday, driving to the beach and other leisure destinations has become a tradition for Americans. Coinciding with the arrival of summer, sunscreens, beach supplies, and other products will see a new wave of growth.

PART: Early Product Selection and Promotion

“Surveys show that at least 65% of American consumers are prepared to buy an American flag, 53% of people are interested in patriotic-themed T-shirts, swimsuits, shoes, and other items, 40% of people are prepared to buy patriotic-themed decorations, and nearly 30% of people will purchase more related products based on the above items.”

If there is a plan to capitalize on Independence Day traffic and make money as a seller every year, it is a reasonable time frame to list and deploy off-site promotion to create best-selling products 2-3 months in advance! Consumers will shop within a month before Independence Day, so merchants need to quickly complete product selection and promotion preparation.

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