The seller’s listing was too rough and caused a sensation The product was sold out as soon as it was put on the shelf!

Seller's rough listing led to product selling out immediately

If you want your product to sell well, a great listing is definitely essential, which is a consensus among most sellers.

And the most important part of the listing should be the product images. Many sellers go to great lengths to take a delicate product picture, even requiring professional equipment and photographers.

However, one seller went against the norm, relying entirely on Photoshop to showcase their product. The rough quality was discovered by netizens and went viral online.

It was discovered that a netizen named Julia was the first to find this product, and she was shocked. According to Julia, the product was a light blue dress with white spots.

However, from the picture, it was clear that the dress was Photoshopped, and it even looked like someone had scribbled on a dress. To make things worse, the seller even promoted this product with advertisements.

In the video, Julia said, “I can’t imagine what I would receive if I ordered this dress! It looks like something a child would scribble.”

Once this criticism video was released, it immediately went viral on TikTok, with over 2 million views to date. In the comment section of the video, many netizens were very interested in this dress and urged Julia to quickly order it to see what the real product was like.

However, perhaps due to its popularity, Julia found that the dress was already out of stock when she tried to order it. After some communication, the seller decided to send Julia a dress from another channel.

After a week, Julia finally received this “mysterious” dress. Under the gaze of everyone’s expectations, Julia recorded an unboxing video for this dress.

Surprisingly, the dress turned out to be much better than expected in terms of color and texture, and many netizens said they were going to place an order right away.

“Oh my god! It looks so much better than I imagined. I want to get one just like it!”

At the end of the video, Julia mentioned that if you want to purchase the same item, you can order it from the link on her homepage. Currently, there are two color options available, blue and green.

Although some people doubt that this is a marketing campaign completed by the merchant and internet celebrity together, it cannot be denied that this marketing method is very creative and eye-catching.

In today’s fiercely competitive market for clothing products, it is necessary for small and medium-sized sellers to put effort into marketing in order to survive under the pressure of industry giants.

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