Stunning! Shoptop has launched 9 new website templates that are high in aesthetics and conversion Get them now!

Shoptop released 9 new website templates that are visually appealing and effective in increasing conversion Get them now!

“Why is the bounce rate of my website so high? Why have I spent so much on advertising, but it still doesn’t bring much conversion?…”

When Kathy, an operator of an independent website, consulted with Shoptop, she raised these concerns. Through the diagnosis of her independent website page, Shoptop optimization experts found that the independent website had slow response speed, inconsistent interface style, and other issues.

For a long time, some sellers who have just started building websites fall into a misunderstanding – “the first step after building a good website should be advertising, not optimizing the website.”

As a result, a lot of advertising budget was burned, and users clicked into the website, which did not meet their psychological expectations. They hastily looked at it and closed the webpage, and the conversion rate was still very low!

In the era of increasingly expensive traffic costs, a beautiful website that conforms to the brand style can retain users and reduce the website bounce rate.

Shoptop’s new 9 website building templates just solve the problems of sellers like Kathy.

The templates Shoptop has launched this time cover 9 popular categories for cross-border sales, including fashion clothing (ClothingZone), bags and accessories (Celine), maternity and baby (Babyworld), wedding dresses (Dreamy), wigs (LocksPop), 3C digital products (ElectriGear), home furnishings (CozyHome), car parts (CarParts), outdoor sports (Sportex).

All 9 templates are free and have a high “appearance” value, with extremely fast response speed.

According to data from BigCommerce, a delay of one second in website page loading time will cause a 7% loss of conversion rate and an 11% loss of page views for merchants. For an online store with a daily sales volume of $50,000, a one-second delay adds up to more than $1 million in lost sales per year.

Source of the image: GTmetrix speed test results

After optimization by Shoptop’s technical team, the new template page achieved an excellent score of 99 on the GTmetrix speed test tool, with a response time controlled within 2 seconds, effectively reducing user loss.

“The experience is good and smooth!” After trying it out, independent site operator Kathy was very satisfied and applied to transfer her original store to Shoptop.

So, what other amazing highlights does Shoptop’s updated website template have? Let’s take a look together!


Capture the Fashion Atmosphere

Clothing Zone

Shoptop women’s clothing template preview effect

ClothingZone is a website building template designed by Shoptop specifically for fashion apparel, featuring a simple, modern, bright and fresh style that firmly grasps the popular fashion style characteristics of overseas women’s clothing, enhances brand personality, and attracts overseas users’ attention.

Highlight 1: The design style is high-end and atmospheric.

Shoptop clothing website template’s theme colors are harmonious and unified, with a simple and comfortable layout that provides users with a clear shopping chain, which can guide users to better browse products.

The mobile end also has a silky smooth browsing experience, and the rich image arrangement combination method can better show the dressing effect of the clothes.

Highlight 2: The background video creates a brand atmosphere.

Unlike playing videos directly on the website, the ClothingZone template can insert background videos into the website, which will automatically loop without sound.

While attracting attention, the background video does not cause interference and easily conveys the brand atmosphere, bringing an immersive shopping experience to consumers.

Sellers can use background videos to tell brand stories, introduce new products, convey brand concepts, and add titles, text, and buttons to encourage consumers to quickly place orders.


Defining professional auto parts


Preview of Shoptop auto parts template

Driven by the growth of passenger car demand, the auto parts industry has ushered in a new growth point.

By 2022, the global automotive parts manufacturing market will be worth $2.2659 trillion. The auto parts market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 3.2% from 2023 to 2028.


‍CarParts‍ is a website building template designed by Shoptop specifically for auto parts sites, with a rugged and simple design.

Highlight 1: A rugged and simple design for visual impact

Preview of the Shoptop auto parts template on a PC

Compared to price, European and American consumers are more concerned about the performance and quality of auto parts products. Therefore, the construction of auto parts sites must match the industry’s temperament.

Shoptop’s CarParts template uses visually striking colors, detailed product classifications, and rich product image combinations to create a rugged yet concise brand style, conveying a professional, high-quality brand impression to consumers and enhancing their favorability and trust in the product.

Highlight 2: Support for adding store maps

Some auto parts sellers have offline stores overseas or want to display the location of their factories/companies. For this reason, Shoptop has specially designed a map function.

Merchants can register for a Google Maps API Key and enter their Google Maps API key to display the map and set the accurate address of the store location using Google Maps.

Auto Parts Template Map Page Preview

By adding the “Get Route” guide button, consumers can quickly get route planning. Adding a store map helps to divert online traffic to offline stores. Adding the company/factory address helps to showcase brand strength, eliminate audience concerns, and improve conversion rates.


Capture a Warm Feeling


Shoptop Maternal and Child Template Preview

What do the new generation of maternal and child product consumers value more? Appearance, brand, safety, and nature.

As mothers’ demand for quality life increases, it further drives the consumption upgrade of maternal and child categories. Shoptop’s Babyworld template, designed specifically for maternal and child sites, is closer to the aesthetic of the new generation of audiences.

Highlight 1: Warm and Comfortable Design Style

Maternal and child template PC-side preview effect

The Babyworld template uses a low-saturation warm color scheme to achieve a visually comfortable effect while conveying brand information and personality.

The product classification is clear and orderly, and the product images are displayed using combination product modules. The left album background image can effectively attract attention, and the right up-and-down scrolling display form also makes the page more interesting and interactive, bringing consumers a more pleasant shopping experience and helping to increase conversion rates.

Highlight 2: Tell the Brand Story

Maternal and child template our story page

The brand story is the soul of the brand and an important section for establishing emotional connections with consumers.

On the Our Story page, sellers can put up the original intention of creating the brand, the development process of the brand, and the social influence of the brand, which can quickly eliminate consumers’ unfamiliarity with the brand, impress consumers, and cultivate loyal long-term fans of the brand.


Focus on practical and trendy


Preview of Shoptop’s 3C digital template

The 3C digital category is updated rapidly, how to stand out in the fierce market competition?

Shoptop’s template, ElectriGear, designed for 3C digital sites, has delivered an outstanding performance.

The homepage design is trendy and cool, highlighting the selling points of the products, with clean and bright colors that can firmly catch the eye of young consumers.

Preview of Shoptop’s 3C digital template on PC

The concise layout and clear logic of the page layout conform to the browsing habits of the 3C digital product audience, which can make website visitors stay longer and effectively reduce the bounce rate.

Highlight: endorsement of partner logos

The 3C digital audience is very concerned about product quality. Therefore, sellers can strengthen brand endorsement by displaying their partners on the homepage, highlighting the brand’s professionalism and influence, and showing a high-quality brand image.

And the logo list function provided by the ElectriGear template can help sellers easily handle this page.

I believe that friends who have read up to this point are already interested, right?

So, how to use these free templates?

Shoptop store backend page

It’s very simple. Just enter the Shoptop store backend, find “Store Decoration”, and then click “Website Design” to see the brand new free website building template. Click on the template you like and add it to the list for editing.

The 9 large templates updated based on the hope theme this time all support custom modification and free drag and drop of components, making them more suitable for customized stores and freely expressing design inspiration.

The operation of the operation team is more efficient, supporting multiple people to build websites at the same time, one-click saving of drafts, and sharing of design plans!

Stay tuned to the Shoptop Brand Going Abroad Think Tank, we will launch more beautiful templates and bring you updated information as soon as possible. Interested merchants, contact Shoptop and start your independent website experience now!

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