What are the technical requirements for self-sustaining account evaluation and supplementing orders for sellers?

Technical requirements for seller's self-sustaining account evaluation and order supplementing?

The importance of testing and nurturing account management skills has been recognized by many sellers. Sellers must understand the relevant knowledge, technical control, and costs of managing their own accounts. However, there are good and bad service providers in the testing industry, which makes self-account management even more important.

In order to pursue profit, many service providers may use illegal means to make up for orders, such as using black cards, gift cards, or using stolen buyer accounts. Such behavior is likely to cause the seller not only money but also negative effects on their product links, putting their stores at risk.

In an environment where the platform’s review of order compensation behavior is becoming increasingly strict, sellers should take control of testing and reduce risks. The advantage of self-compensation is that there is no time limit, and stable ordering and evaluation can be controlled.

So, what are the conditions for building a testing system on your own?

1. Firstly, a stable network environment is the foundation of testing. It is necessary to use technical means to disguise the underlying hardware parameters of the computer or mobile phone as foreign data to prevent the platform from detecting the underlying hardware parameters through IP. At the same time, the use of foreign residential IPs achieves precise positioning, preventing problems such as high IP duplication rates and DNS country hopping.

2. Secondly, browser anti-association is also an important link. Currently, fingerprint browsers on the market mainly solve the cache problem between cookies, but they do not have a real physical configuration, and the LAN may expose IP addresses. It is necessary to run through a secure terminal and install privacy plug-ins to prevent the LAN from leaking IP addresses and prevent the tracking of “HTM” ping.”

3. Furthermore, the association of foreign payment cards is also a major issue. Many foreign credit card segments are now being risk-controlled by platforms, resulting in failed orders or cancellations. The credit card segments we use in the background have been extensively evaluated and tested for stability and can be used directly.

4. Finally, the registration information resources of buyer accounts, as well as the weight management and ordering techniques for nurturing accounts, are important factors that affect the stability and security of both the store’s weight and the buyer’s account usage.

In short, self-nurturing accounts is a process that requires technology, resources, and experience, and it is also a method that can effectively reduce risks and increase control. We welcome all sellers to exchange technical knowledge and improve the effectiveness of self-nurturing accounts.

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