What is USPS in the United States? How to operate the USPS label for overseas warehouses in the United States?

USPS is the postal service of the United States How to use USPS labels for US-based overseas warehouses?

For cross-border e-commerce sellers who frequently ship small packages to the United States, USPS is not unfamiliar at all. Many powerful sellers have their own USPS accounts. So what does USPS mean? #USPS for shipping to the United States#

USPS is the United States Postal Service, which is currently the largest express delivery agency in the United States. Its commonly used routes are divided into two types: overseas and domestic. The overseas route of USPS international express delivery has two types: “USPS Priority Mail Express International” and “USPS Priority Mail International”. Generally, sellers choose the international route when shipping from China to the United States.

The other type is the domestic route in the United States, which we will focus on today because the local accounts used by US overseas warehouses to paste USPS labels are based on these accounts.

Domestic mailing in the United States:

1. USPS (FC-First Class): an economical and affordable route that takes about 1-3 days to receive. It is suitable for light and small items weighing less than 1lb or 1oz-15.9oz, such as letters and small packages.

2. USPS (PM-Priority Mail): faster delivery time, similar to next-day delivery in China. It is suitable for the weight range of 1lb to 20lb. Although the price of PM is higher, it is more competitive and (except for special circumstances) can be delivered to most addresses and PO boxes in the United States throughout the year.

What is the US overseas warehouse’s USPS label pasting service?

Generally speaking, the US overseas warehouse’s USPS label pasting service often occurs in FBM order transactions or single-item dropshipping orders. Sellers transport goods to the Empire Speed ​​US overseas warehouse. After receiving the customer’s order, the seller uses their own USPS account or other service providers’ accounts to print the labels. Then, they send the label information to the warehouse where the goods are located. The warehouse staff prints the USPS label according to the order information, pastes it on the package, and finally hands it over to the USPS station for scanning and delivery to the customer’s hands.

Why use a US overseas warehouse to substitute postage labels?

Substituting USPS postage labels through a US overseas warehouse is actually a one-stop shipping mode, directly shipping from a US domestic warehouse, and the final delivery uses a more cost-effective USPS account. This not only speeds up the overall delivery efficiency of the seller’s goods, but also saves logistics costs.

How does the US overseas warehouse substitute USPS postage labels?

1. The seller transports the goods to the US overseas warehouse for storage.

2. After the seller’s platform generates an order, the seller logs in to the USPS account to print the label.

3. The seller provides the goods operation information and USPS postage label to the US overseas warehouse.

4. The US overseas warehouse operator sorts the goods according to the information and sticks the label for outbound delivery, and then hands the package to the USPS station or arranges for USPS to pick it up.

5. The USPS station scans and sorts the packages by area, and finally delivers them to the customer’s address.

Currently, the substitute USPS postage label mode of US overseas warehouses is very mature, and many cross-border sellers are using it. Because many sellers have their own USPS accounts, or other service providers’ USPS discounts are lower than the discounts of cooperating US overseas warehouses, but the service of cooperating US overseas warehouses is suitable for themselves, so combining the two can save more costs without affecting the delivery efficiency.

To learn more about this topic, follow Empire Express US overseas warehouse.

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