How to Control the Details and Maximize the Effectiveness of Social Media Promotion

Maximizing social media promotion effectiveness through controlling details

We continue to talk about methods to increase single order volume through promotional settings, and today we will talk about social media promotions.

Social media promotions are only available on the Amazon US site and are not available on other sites.

In the Amazon US site’s backend, click on “Advertising-Manage Promotions-Create Social Media Promotion.”


Choose promotional conditions

Select the products you want to promote, and if you want to offer a discount, it typically needs to be at least 50% or more to be effective.

Many people may ask, why not set up purchase discounts? Purchase discounts do not have the sharing of Amazon affiliate influencers, and the maximum discount for purchase discounts cannot be greater than 50%;

Whereas social media promotions can be shared by Amazon affiliate influencers and the discount level can be set between 5% and 80%. It can be adjusted to a greater degree.


Set the promotion time

The promotion time can be set to take effect as soon as 4 hours after the current time. Many people choose a duration of 1 day, but the effect may not be very good.

Each promotion must be set for at least 3 days, with the settings becoming effective once per hour. If the duration is set too short, some internet celebrities may not be willing to share.

Setting it once per hour means that during the day, there will be one promotion in effect for each of the 24 hours. This increases the likelihood of being seen by internet celebrities.

To illustrate, here’s an example:

2023-05-30 00:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59 50%

2023-05-30 01:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59 50%

2023-05-30 02:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59 50%

2023-05-30 03:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59 50%

… to …

2023-05-30 21:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59    60%

2023-05-30 22:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59    60%

2023-05-30 23:00 to 2023-06-01 23:59    60%

A total of 24 time periods are set, one for each time point. The more settings there are, the greater the chance of being seen by the alliance’s internet celebrities and the greater the chance of being shared. It is easier to generate more sales.

At the same time, different links have different discount requirements. Some links have a good effect with a 50% discount, while others require a 60% or 70% discount to be effective. We can set different discount levels to quickly test their effectiveness.

For example, the first 5-hour period is set at 50%; the next 5 hours are set at 60%; and the remaining hours are set at 65% to test the optimal discount level.

Many people are worried about whether discounts will stack. Everyone should remember that multiple social media promotion codes for the same product cannot be stacked.

However, social media promotions can be combined with purchase discounts, coupons, and exclusive discounts. Therefore, when setting them, all other promotions must be turned off to prevent zero-yuan purchases.

The discount is around 50%-80%. Some products can generate sales with a 50% discount, while others may require a 70%-80% discount. This is closely related to the characteristics of the product.

When setting them, first increase the price and then set the discount to see if it generates sales. If it does not, gradually lower the price and increase the promotion intensity.

Of course, you can also use external websites such as Zhanwai Zhihui to see what prices and discount levels similar products have, and then set them to be more secure.


More options

Amazon influencers and affiliates must be selected. Each buyer can only choose one item from the settlement for multiple redemptions to prevent malicious use by a buyer. Just generate a short code and it’s okay.

Then submit it and it’s okay. Two points need to be emphasized:

First, social media and other promotions cannot be used at the same time. If you do social media promotions, you must close other promotions, such as coupons, member exclusive discounts, purchase discounts, etc., to prevent stacking of zero purchases.

Second, social media promotion of products is suitable for use on Saturdays and Sundays before BD, or for continuously promoting seasonal products with high profits on social media. The effect of social media is not very significant during normal times.

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