The trend of membership-based economy is booming, and another e-commerce giant is about to make efforts to expand its layout!

Membership-based economy booming, e-commerce giant expanding layout

According to foreign media reports, the British e-commerce platform OnBuy will launch a customer loyalty program to encourage repeat purchases and promote its own business expansion.

OnBuy’s founder and CEO, Cas Paton, announced this on LinkedIn. He also pointed out that shoppers are increasingly interested in loyalty programs and emphasized that OnBuy will strive to meet customer needs.

Reportedly, by introducing this loyalty program, Cas Paton aims to differentiate OnBuy from larger competitors such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Subscription plans such as Amazon Prime, Walmart+, or eBay Plus (not applicable in the United States) provided by the aforementioned platforms mainly offer free or discounted shipping and other non-shopping rewards (such as streaming services) charged annually or monthly.

The loyalty program launched by OnBuy aims to provide exclusive benefits for returning customers, improve their shopping experience, and is not applicable to new customers. OnBuy will become the first online shopping platform that only offers shopping rewards for repeat customers.

Cas Paton said that the loyalty program will provide increasingly valuable rewards for customers who repeatedly purchase on OnBuy, thereby encouraging them to continue participating in the platform. “The more customers buy on OnBuy, the more rewards they will get, and the greater the rewards will be,” he said.

Reportedly, implementing the loyalty program can also promote OnBuy’s international business expansion, as this will allow the company to directly incorporate value into its subscription service without investing in infrastructure or forming partnerships.

Cas Paton did not disclose the official launch date of the loyalty program, but he said it is expected to be launched soon. He said on LinkedIn: “The rewards will be launched soon, please keep an eye on our updates!”

BusinessDialogue learned that OnBuy’s goal is to establish an honest and fair online marketplace. It has always been committed to providing users with a high-quality shopping experience, including a rich selection of products, diverse choices, unified applications and websites. The launch of the loyalty program symbolizes the platform’s continued progress towards this vision.

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