Tanzanian Enterprise Information Search and Customer Background Investigation Methods, How to Recover Overdue Payments from Tanzanian Customers

Methods for Investigating Tanzanian Enterprises and Customers, and Recovering Overdue Payments

What to do when Tanzanian customers owe money?

1. Understand the current business situation of the customer

When encountering Tanzanian customers who owe money, the first thing to do is to check whether the customer is still operating normally, or conduct a credit investigation of the other party. By obtaining the customer’s enterprise credit report, you can understand the current business and financial situation and assist in decision-making!

Method 1: Check the detailed information of the target enterprise online through the Tanzanian business management agency 【ors.brela.go.tz/orsreg/searchbusinesspublic】 or 【orsz.bpra.go.tz/orsreg/searchbusinesspublic】.

Method 2: Obtain the phone number, address, fax number, email, website, social media information and other information of Tanzanian enterprises online through the Tanzanian business directory website 【lrsers=rokgprs:_okg】, 【yellow.co.tz】.

Method 3: Understand detailed information about Tanzanian import and export, market dynamics, tariffs, regulatory requirements, potential buyers, etc. through the Tanzanian trade portal 【trade.tanzania.go.tz】.

Method 4: Entrust domestic enterprises with foreign investigation qualifications to conduct detailed credit investigations of customer enterprises, such as Grand Credit Investigation, People’s Bank of China record, national supervision, and possession of enterprise credit business operation filing certificate and foreign investigation permit.

2. Develop a collection plan

If encountering Tanzanian customers who owe money, the enterprise can first conduct a detailed background investigation and credit investigation of the customer to understand whether the other party is in operation, business and financial situation, etc., and figure out why the customer owes money, whether it is forgetting to pay, financial difficulties, or maliciously withholding payment, and assess the possibility of successful collection.

Within 3 months of the payment being overdue, friendly negotiations can be made by appealing to emotions and reasoning with targeted arguments to respond to various reasons for non-payment by customers and to strive for prompt payment with rational and compelling evidence. Payment deadlines can be appropriately given, such as installment payments, but a formal repayment agreement must be signed, and the first payment must be made as soon as possible to show good faith.

Tanzania Debt Collection Knowledge Sharing

1. Collection Notes

1) There are no clear rules about how many times to contact debtors in a day, but it should be reasonable.

2) Generally, a collection letter is sent to the debtor before collection.

3) Tanzania has a constitutional special court, an appellate court, a high court, a district court, a prosecutor’s office, a judicial personnel committee, and a permanent investigation committee.

4) Ambiguous terms often appear in Tanzania’s legal documents, and due to the imperfect legal provisions, there are often gray areas that laws and regulations cannot cover.

5) Unclear and inappropriate legislation, which frequently changes, undermines the stability of Tanzanian law, causing judicial lack of credibility and excessive enforcement of the law.

2. Reasonable Collection Measures

If the enterprise is unable to recover the debt for more than 3 months through its own collection efforts, it can entrust a professional third-party agency to collect globally as soon as possible. Professional agency personnel are familiar with local judicial and business environments as well as relationship networks, have extensive collection experience, and have multiple collection channels and a complete database. They can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the credit status and repayment ability of overseas enterprises and develop the most suitable collection plan according to the characteristics of the debtor. At the same time, the enterprise can also focus on customers who pay their bills on time.

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