What is the trend of the Middle Eastern perfume market? Will consumers pay for luxury goods?

Middle Eastern perfume market trend? Will consumers buy luxury goods?

What are the trends in the Middle Eastern perfume market? Will consumers pay for luxury goods?

The Middle Eastern perfume market has seen a significant increase in the past few years, mainly due to the emergence of a young population, a surge in disposable income, and an improvement in living standards. In recent years, as target customers seek higher-end perfume brands, sales of traditional mass-market perfume businesses have declined, leading to increased demand for various perfumes in the Middle East.

In recent years, the availability of high-quality products in the market has become a necessity, and these products have narrowed the gap between luxury and ordinary quality price ranges for middle-income group consumers. Therefore, high-end products play a crucial role in the overall growth of the Middle Eastern perfume market, as customers seek superior quality when using consumer goods, including perfumes, regardless of their high-end price tags.

The increasing popularity of organic and natural ingredient products in perfumes has mainly driven the market’s growth. Some commonly used ingredients in these perfumes are sandalwood, geranium bourbon whiskey, and patchouli. The industry relies mainly on synthetic ingredients, with synthetic fragrances accounting for 60-65% of the entire market, while fragrances made from natural ingredients occupy 30-35% of the market share. UAE men are increasingly concerned about their individuality and prefer to use fragrant products to eliminate body odor, beginning to choose spicy, woody, marine, and citrus scents.

In the media sector, beauty bloggers and social media influencers are creating new growth avenues for the perfume market, with the increase in advertising and product knowledge on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, increasing people’s awareness of perfume products, especially among millennial consumers in the Middle East. A large number of local YouTube users are now hosting popular channels to showcase product reviews and tutorials, which in turn drives the growth of the Middle Eastern perfume market.

Some leading perfume brand enterprises include: Estée Lauder, Coty Middle East FZCO, Guccio Gucci S.p.A., Yas Perfumes, Jo Malone London UAE, Calvin Klein, etc. Extensive activities and advertising expenses are driving the growth of the perfume market. Perfume brand enterprises are investing in advertising and promotions to attract consumers to purchase, allowing cosmetics and perfume retailers to add pictures and videos to expand perfume sales.

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