The new INFORM Consumer Act in the United States will take effect! Sellers who fail to verify their accounts will be suspended!

New US INFORM Consumer Act in effect! Failing to verify accounts will lead to seller suspension!

AMZ23 learned that Amazon US released an announcement stating that the new INFORM Consumers Act in the United States will take effect on June 27th. The law requires third-party sellers to provide information related to their business and complete verification. Otherwise, Amazon will deactivate the seller’s account. The following is the announcement:

The INFORM Consumers Act will take effect in the United States on June 27, 2023. The law requires large-scale third-party sellers to provide information about their business, and collect, verify, and disclose information about their business on Amazon.

In order to ensure a trusted store for customers and sellers, Amazon has maintained and continues to innovate powerful processes for collecting and verifying seller’s business information during registration and beyond. Although many of these processes are more complex and effective than the basic requirements of the INFORM Consumers Act, this new law requires Amazon to take certain additional steps to verify information related to large-scale sellers.

Sellers may need to provide information about their business for verification, such as their name, government-issued identification documents, company address, bank account information, work email address, work phone number, and tax number. You may also need to prove that your information has been updated annually.

In most cases, if you have completed verification of any required information and your information has not changed, you do not need to submit it again.

If you need to take further action, we will contact you by email and provide specific instructions. We require you to respond to these messages within the specified time frame, otherwise the law may require us to deactivate your sales account until you successfully complete the verification.

We recommend that you go to your account information now to confirm that all of your business information is accurate and up-to-date.

To learn more about the INFORM Consumers Act, please visit the INFORM Consumers Act page.

We have also updated the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement to align with new laws. For more information, please refer to the changes in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

Below is a screenshot of the original announcement:

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