OnBuy partners with Clearpay to offer interest-free installment payment options to buyers!

OnBuy partners with Clearpay for interest-free installment payments

According to BusinessDialogue, OnBuy, the UK online marketplace, has announced a strategic partnership with BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) provider Clearpay to offer users more payment options. This partnership is a further effort by OnBuy to improve shopping and sales experience. Last month, the platform also introduced Klarna, WorldFirst, Payoneer, and bank payment options.

Through this partnership, OnBuy users can now choose from four interest-free payments and six-week interest-free payment options provided by Clearpay. This additional payment option provides shoppers with more convenience and flexibility at checkout.

As part of the collaboration, OnBuy will appear in the store directory of the Clearpay app, which can help OnBuy reach one million new customers every day.

According to a recent survey conducted by OnBuy, 20% of consumers choose retailers based on the availability of their preferred payment method. The partnership with Clearpay will enable OnBuy to meet the growing demand of customers for a wider range of payment options.

Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy, said: “We are committed to providing a high-quality shopping and sales experience, and that’s why we are adding more payment options. Our customers want to be able to buy flexibly, and we’re pleased to launch Clearpay on our site in response. Introducing more payment options also benefits our sellers, as customers are more likely to buy with more payment choices, thus promoting overall sales for our sellers.”

Rich Bayer, Clearpay’s UK and EU Regional Manager, said: “Through this partnership, OnBuy merchants can reach our growing customer base, increase product conversions and sales, and reduce return rates. In March of this year, 14% of online purchases were made using the Buy Now Pay Later method, and this innovative payment method is of significant value to consumers who want to save on expenses.”

BusinessDialogue has learned that Clearpay is a leading BNPL provider with over 19 million active global consumers. Through partnering with Clearpay, OnBuy aims to provide customers with more choices, convenience, and flexibility when shopping on the platform.

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