300,000 orders! Order volume in these categories sharply increased for Brazilian Mother’s Day!

'Order volume for Brazilian Mother's Day sharply increased, reaching 300,000 orders in these categories'

AMZ23 learned that the e-commerce sales revenue in Brazil’s Mother’s Day increased by 10% in 2023. The data was released by Admitad, an affiliate marketing platform managed by German technology holding company Mitgo. The platform analyzed the behavior of 300,000 orders placed by Brazilian customers on the Internet in the week before Mother’s Day in 2023.

According to the survey, most of the orders came from e-commerce platforms. During Mother’s Day, e-commerce sales increased by 5%. Various e-commerce platforms attracted customers through promotions, gift packaging, and additional discount coupons. About 8% of buyers used discount coupons in transactions.

Although the percentage of sales revenue increased, the average purchase price slightly decreased compared to usual, from 157.50 Brazilian reals to 155 Brazilian reals. It can be seen that Brazilian buyers continue to be cautious about their financial situation.

The most popular products on Mother’s Day

During the analysis period, the most popular categories among consumers were beauty and personal care products, accounting for 13.5% of all online purchases. Secondly, electronic products accounted for 12.5% of total orders. Followed by home and garden (9.6%), jewelry and accessories (8.7%), and women’s clothing (7%).

The data shows that many people postponed purchasing Mother’s Day gifts until a few days before the holiday, which led to a sudden surge in orders for women’s clothing (18.8%), home and garden (16.8%), and baby products (12.8%) during those days.

When choosing gifts, 20% of consumers were influenced by product information from affiliated stores. Recommendations from content platforms, blogs, and online media also played a role, driving 16.5% of purchases.

Business Dialogue has learned that influential recommendations and targeted social media advertising can provide an additional 8% of orders. In addition, contextual advertising attracted customers’ attention in 7% of orders.

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