Order volume increased by 806% compared to the previous year? These products are the superstars of this summer!

Order volume up 806% YoY, products are summer superstars!


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With the rise in temperature, summer has quietly arrived. Multiple platforms have released consumer shopping reports predicting which products may become global hot sellers this year.

In this issue of iPayLinks Observation, we will analyze the products that may be popular this summer based on data released by platforms such as Shopee, AliExpress, eBay, and others.


Summer Products

Before summer even arrives, Chinese-made cooling appliances have already become popular overseas on AliExpress. Due to climate change and the expected return of the El Niño weather phenomenon, the global average temperature may reach a new high in 2023 or 2024. Cooling appliances from China have become a hot-selling category on AliExpress, with even greater demand than in previous years: From March to May this year, overseas buyers’ demand for air conditioners increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and demand for fans increased by over 30% year-on-year.

In the past three years, fan export orders have increased by 10% annually. This year, European merchants are particularly sensitive to green energy, and solar fans and air conditioners have become new hot-selling opportunities.

In the past two months, the sales of Shopee’s sunscreen have also increased by 30% to 40%. The extreme heat in some Southeast Asian countries has led to a surge in sales of heatstroke prevention and sun protection products. The search volume for household appliances such as sunglasses, hats, air coolers, fans, and portable air conditioners has greatly increased.


Sports and Outdoor Products

Consumer data from Shopee in Japan shows that sales of new categories such as outdoor supplies and souvenirs have increased significantly. The categories with higher growth rates are sports/outdoor, women’s clothing, and women’s bags. Orders for various types of sports and outdoor equipment have increased by 806%.


Travel Supplies Category

According to the “2023 Summer Shopping Report” released by eBay Ads, since April 2023, Germans’ demand for summer products has increased significantly. With the lifting of epidemic blockade restrictions, many Germans are traveling abroad by plane this summer. The purchase volume of luggage tags (about +115%), conversion plugs (about +70%), first aid kits (about +60%), suitcases (about +20%), and wallets (about +20%) on eBay.de have all increased.


Home and Garden Category

The 2023 Spring-Summer Guide released by eBay Ads shows that Americans’ demand for home and garden supplies has increased during the spring and summer seasons. Over 72% of respondents plan to spend a lot of time in their yards or outdoor spaces this spring and summer, which means the demand for home and garden supplies will rise during this period.

More than half of the respondents plan to purchase gardening supplies, 45% plan to purchase home or garden decorations, and 35% plan to purchase new furniture, including hammocks, fire pits, patio sets, etc.

Here, Xiao Bei reminds sellers to also pay attention to the graduation season~

Every spring to early summer, millions of young Americans graduate from high school or college. Friends and family will give gifts or hold parties to celebrate this important milestone in their lives. The most popular graduation gifts are clothing and electronics.

What issues do cross-border sellers need to pay attention to when selling globally?

Popular product analysis can help sellers determine the most popular products, but in cross-border transactions, sellers also need to pay attention to related risks. Here are some common risks and countermeasures:


Currency exchange and exchange rate fluctuations

As different countries use different currencies, cross-border transactions may involve currency exchange. If the seller does not consider this issue, it may lead to overpriced or underestimated prices, thereby affecting sales. Exchange rate fluctuations can also affect the seller’s profit and revenue. Therefore, sellers need to use stable currency settlement services. iPayLinks supports fast exchange settlement, entrusted exchange, to help sellers cope with exchange rate fluctuation risks.


Logistics and tariffs

Depending on the target market and product type, cross-border transactions may face different logistics and tariff challenges. For example, certain import policies may make your products unable to be sold in specific countries, or certain countries may impose high tariffs and taxes. Sellers need to understand the regulations and cultural differences of the target market and choose reliable logistics service providers to ensure that orders can arrive at the destination on time.


Local culture and risk management

When conducting cross-border transactions, you need to understand the regulations and cultural differences of the target market. For example, certain import policies may make your products unable to be sold in specific countries, or certain countries may not accept certain types of products. iPayLinks’ one-stop cross-border payment solution provides mature risk management tools, such as anti-fraud systems, 3D Secure 2.0, etc., to ensure that your transactions are more secure and reliable.


Payment methods

In different countries and regions, consumers use different payment methods. iPayLinks’ global payment capabilities cover 150+ countries and regions around the world, including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. With a diverse range of needs for overseas enterprises, iPayLinks has established a diversified product system, including platform payment collection, foreign trade payment collection, global payment acceptance, VAT tax payment, export tax refund, etc. These products help overseas enterprises achieve sales targets worldwide and expand their business globally.

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