Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers has become a shopping day! Over 90% of American celebrants plan to go shopping!

Over 90% of American celebrants plan to go shopping on Memorial Day, turning it into a shopping day instead of a day to remember fallen soldiers

Business Dialogue learned that according to a survey titled “2023 Q2 Holiday Preview” released by Numerator, three-quarters of American consumers plan to celebrate Memorial Day. Among them, 92% of celebrants plan to go shopping.

The survey shows that food is at the top of the shopping list for Memorial Day (83% plan to purchase), followed by alcoholic beverages (46%), non-alcoholic beverages (35%), party supplies (16%) and decorations (11%). Among those planning to purchase alcoholic beverages, beer is the preferred choice (70%), followed by wine (43%), hard seltzer (30%) and liquor (30%).

More than three-quarters of consumers say that rising prices will affect their spending on Memorial Day, with 4% saying they are “slightly affected,” 26% saying they are “moderately affected,” and 16% saying they are “significantly affected.”

According to Numerator’s survey, 82% of consumers plan to save money. Specifically, 54% of celebrants plan to buy discounted items, 28% plan to use more coupons, 28% of shoppers will prepare affordable food, and 20% of celebrants will turn to stores and private label brands. In addition, 17% of people will shop at dollar stores, 12% will reduce travel, and 11% will buy small items.

Compared with Memorial Day 2022, the number of people planning to celebrate all activities on Memorial Day 2023 has increased, including entertainment activities (up 10 percentage points), attending or hosting parties (up 9 percentage points), attending public celebrations (up 8 percentage points), and watching fireworks (up 6 percentage points).

On this year’s Memorial Day, the main celebration plan is barbecue/grilling (59% of celebrants), followed by attending or hosting parties (43%), and cooking/baking (23%).

It is worth noting that in the four weeks leading up to Memorial Day, sales of summer products skyrocket, such as swimming pools and chemicals (+132%), pool tools and accessories (+121%), sunscreen (+109%), pool floats and covers (+81%), and grills (+54%).

Numerator surveyed 2,650 consumers in April 2023, focusing on consumers’ celebration, shopping, and consumption plans for May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day.

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