Pay to increase speed by over 2 times! OpenAI credit card payment method and ChatGPTPlus subscription tested in practice

Pay to double speed! OpenAI credit card and ChatGPTPlus subscription tested

The AI chatbot ChatGPT has been open to the public for free for the past two months, attracting over 100 million monthly active users and becoming the fastest-growing consumer application in history. However, with the rapid growth of users, ChatGPT has put pressure on its servers and had to release a premium version to provide better service and experience for paying users. In this issue of PayTrades, we will teach you how to use virtual credit cards for payment. Let’s take a look.

1. What new experience will the paid version bring?

On February 1st, local time, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence laboratory announced on its official website that it will launch a “ChatGPT Plus” paid subscription version, charging $20 per month. What is the difference between the free basic version and the paid subscription version?

Some netizens tested the response speed of the three versions with the same question. The test results showed that the free version took 45 seconds, the Plus basic version took 37 seconds, and the Plus Turbo version only took 17 seconds – less than half of the free version.

In the official announcement, ChatGPT Plus version can also access ChatGPT at any time during peak usage, and then upgrade and open new features, which are also experienced by paying users first~

It is worth mentioning that the OpenAI account’s $18 experience credit will expire on April 1, 2023. If you want to recharge, how can we make payments?

2. How to use a credit card for payment?

1. Preparation

1) Credit card (domestic cards and some virtual cards are not accepted, here we use 540524 MasterCard in the US for testing)

2) Scientific Internet tools (requires global proxy, not discussed here)

3) Browser in incognito or privacy mode

4) US billing address (preferably in a tax-free state)

2. Billing address

It’s best to choose a tax-free state address in the United States:

Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, and New Hampshire

US address generation: xxx_g?=cikv=ez=_okg

3. Payment Steps 1) OpenAI payment method:

① Log in to the OpenAI platform: zllp.myypdrlfkwg_kp?sr=_okgydkc=sy

② Click on the avatar – Manage account – Billing – Set up paid account

③ Visit: zllp.myypdrlfkwg_kp?sr=_okgyrookisly/=dd=scykb?wb=?x

Select “I am an Individual”. Fill in your credit card information, billing address, and other information. Please note that you need to fill in the zip code behind the credit card. The zip code in the billing address will suffice.

After clicking submit, it will show success in a few seconds.

In the user settings-Usage, you can see the limit of the bound card.

After binding the payment method, the maximum consumption limit is $120/month. In order to prevent the limit from being exceeded, you can set a limit, such as limiting it to $0.

2) Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

Currently, ChatGPT Plus does not use OpenAI payment channels and still uses Stripe. Even if OpenAI has successfully bound the credit card, upgrading the ChatGPT Plus subscription requires binding again. (Note, if you can’t find the ChatGPT Plus permission on the homepage, try changing the global proxy of a few countries)

Clicking “Upgrade plan” will redirect you to the credit card binding page. If there is an error, please try again with another proxy. The credit card and billing address are basically the same as binding the OpenAI card and can be opened.

After successfully subscribing, your billing information will be displayed.

If you no longer wish to subscribe, you can cancel at any time.

3. Final Summary

1) The entire operation must be in incognito mode + global proxy, and the proxy must be selected carefully. If the operation fails, try using several different proxies.

2) Can’t find the ChatGPT Plus entrance? Please switch to another proxy to access it.

3) Choose a key credit card, such as Mastercard in the United States.

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