Consolidate Peru’s position as the country with the highest website traffic! Falabellacom will expand its sales catalog to 5,000 products!

Peru's website traffic is highest Falabellacom is adding 5,000 products

BusinessDialogue has learned that will bring together the catalogs of Falabella, Sodimac, Tottus, Linio stores, and thousands of entrepreneurs in one place, announcing the sale of more than 5,000 new international products from over 40 companies in Asia and the United States.

This move is aimed at strengthening’s position as the e-commerce platform with the widest and most diverse product portfolio, and maintaining its position as the country’s largest market in terms of visits. expands sales catalog

Natalia Mazuelos, international market manager at, said, “The integration of Linio and includes a large number of international products in categories such as technology, beauty, accessories, and home furnishings, with the majority of sales coming from Asian market sellers. Local product portfolios are also among the expanded sales scope.”

Peruvian online shoppers are becoming increasingly mature and confident in online shopping. In this sense, they no longer only choose well-known brands, but are willing to try new options that match the features they are looking for, and in some cases, may even exceed the benefits of branded positioning in the market.

Similarly, the executive explained that a second batch of over 3,000 additional products will be launched on in the next two weeks.

BusinessDialogue understands that the international product portfolio of includes refurbished products, which account for an average of 40% of sales. According to Mazuelos, refurbished products are an excellent choice for users who are looking for low-priced original products. The price of refurbished products includes taxes, import costs, and a logistics system that delivers the products for free to Lima and other provinces within 13 working days. All international products purchased on are delivered free of charge, and the customer service channel is 100% Spanish-speaking.

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