Zara’s second-hand platform, Pre-Owned, is expanding in Europe! The Netherlands will be the next frontier!

Pre-Owned, Zara's second-hand platform, is expanding to the Netherlands in Europe

BusinessDialogue has learned that fashion retailer Zara plans to expand its second-hand clothing market, Zara Pre-Owned, to the entire European market in the second half of this year. One of the selected markets is the Netherlands. The platform is currently operating in the UK.

Last October, fashion retailer Zara launched a second-hand clothing market called Zara Pre-Owned in the UK. Other retailers such as Zalando have also launched second-hand platforms. Customers can sell their old clothes on the online platform after providing product pictures and information. In addition, they can donate clothes to the Red Cross.

European Expansion

Now, the retailer has announced that the market will be launched in other countries. It is currently unclear how many markets it will be launched in, but the Netherlands is one of them. Through the platform, the retailer hopes to provide customers with an easy way to resell their clothes and extend the life of their products.

According to research, only 8.6% of raw materials are reused in the economy. The World Economic Forum states that transitioning to more sustainable models by 2030 could generate an additional €4.5 trillion in economic output. Zara hopes to support this through its second-hand market.

BusinessDialogue understands that in order to simplify the expansion, Zara is partnering with financial infrastructure platform Stripe. All payments on the market will be processed by the Irish payment platform. “The sustainability of the retail industry is finally getting the attention it deserves to help protect our fragile planet. We are delighted that Zara has chosen Stripe because they are leading the way,” said Eileen O’Mara, Global Head of Sales at Stripe.

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