Attention! Prime Day is coming soon, along with preparation suggestions!

Prime Day is coming soon, prepare accordingly!


Introduction to Amazon’s important marketing nodes in 2023

The main holiday in May 2023 is Memorial Day (May 29th) in the United States. This holiday is also an important holiday for family gatherings in the United States, and best-selling products include outdoor barbecue utensils, outdoor home furnishings, and peripheral products themed around the United States flag. The main promotional holiday in June is Father’s Day (June 18th).

For the three major sites of the US, Europe, and Japan, the Prime Day in 2023 is also planned to be held in July.

Below is the Amazon platform’s detailed calendar of annual events:

Although there are many holiday marketing opportunities for each site in June, Father’s Day undoubtedly has the most traffic and is worth paying attention to.

2022 Prime Day overall review

1. Ship early and stock up

Because of rising logistics costs, delays, and other issues, many sellers have delayed shipping. However, now that Amazon warehouses are full, even if the products arrive, they may not be able to be put up for sale in time. Therefore, if you don’t start stocking up now, but wait until Prime Day is approaching, it is likely that you will have no items to sell on Prime Day. Even if your promotion is done well, it will be useless. Furthermore, logistics costs may continue to rise due to Prime Day, logistics will be more congested, and the delay will be longer, so stocking up is urgent.

2. Avoid warehouse explosions as much as possible

Currently, slow-to-stock Amazon US FBA warehouses include ONT8, CLT2, FTW1, SMF3, SDF8, CHA2, MDW2, IND9, LAX9, etc.

So how should Amazon ship?

(1) Change the shipping address

(2) Delete and rebuild shipments multiple times (multiple deletions may affect warehouse performance)

(3) Enter the dimensions of the product as those of a large shipment

(4) Combine FBA with overseas warehouse shipments

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