Requirement growth of 1877%! The most searched toy by Russian buyers is

Requirement growth 1877%! Top toy searched by Russian buyers

BusinessDialogue learned that is an online price comparison service company (belonging to the diversified Russian holding company S8 Capital). After analyzing the online demand for children’s products for four months in 2023 and comparing it with the demand in April 2022, it was found that Russians are beginning to search for domestic children’s toys more frequently in online stores and are becoming more consciously interested in buying them in large numbers, especially in the secondary market for children’s products.

The study was based on the demand for 36 million products sold in online stores throughout Russia and displayed on Platform analysts pointed out that online demand for major children’s product categories is stable. Compared to January to April 2022, the dynamic fluctuations in demand for baby toys from January to April 2023 were within 10%. The most popular products in this category are children’s building blocks (+14%), toy phones (+27%), and cameras (+25%). “Parents are beginning to prefer traditional Russian toys, such as nesting dolls (+56%) and Cheburashkas.”

In January 2023, demand for Cheburashka toys increased by 1877%. According to this study, Russian consumers are more cautious when purchasing large items such as car seats, strollers, cribs, loungers, and high chairs, and are more likely to look for great deals in the secondary market. Demand for other children’s products in the secondary market has also increased: children’s smart watches (+18% in May 2023 compared to April 2023), game consoles (+21%), children’s e-books (+21%), fences (+14%), children’s furniture (+9%), pyramids (+48%), hoverboards (+54%), and electric cars (+13%).

BusinessDialogue has learned that the demand for popular imported toys such as Lego sets and Barbie dolls has significantly decreased. Last month, the demand for second-hand Lego bricks increased by 48%. The search frequency for “children’s mobile phones” (+26%) and “children’s smartphones” (+8%) has also increased. Additionally, the demand for various interactive toy gadgets and children’s development and education programs for tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs is also growing.

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