Hot Trends | Sales tripled! After Cannes red carpet, overseas consumers are crazy about buying gems

Sales tripled after Cannes red carpet, overseas consumers crazy about buying gems

Do not underestimate the sales ability of celebrities – after the Cannes Film Festival, overseas jewelry sales quietly increased.

Today, Shoptop will take you on a tour of the new trend of overseas jewelry consumption, as well as how jewelry brands can use “independent websites + overseas social media”.


Overseas jewelry demand is hot

Every year at the Cannes Film Festival, the styling of celebrities is the focus of public attention, and also a trend indicator for fashion.

For example, Vogue, Fashion Bazaar, and others have listed some dazzling “jewelry shows” at the Cannes Film Festival.

For instance, American actress Julia Garner wore Gucci’s platinum earrings with emeralds and diamonds.

Source: Google

Uma Thurman displayed Chopard’s ruby and diamond necklace, which complemented the matching ruby earrings.

Source: Google

Of course, there are many unique and fashionable jewelry pieces, and various luxury brands have brought their own high-quality gems and exquisite designs.

Source: Google

It is worth noting that after the Cannes Film Festival, overseas jewelry demand has increased.

According to media reports, data from AliExpress International shows that in the week following the closure of the Cannes Film Festival, the transaction volume of jewelry products increased threefold year-on-year.

AliExpress International predicts that this “gem export fever” will continue, especially as summer approaches, various outdoor parties and music festivals will further stimulate the demand for jewelry and other accessories.

It is reported that a large number of overseas buyers have already started preparing. Throughout the first quarter, overseas traffic of gemstone merchants on Alibaba International Station increased by 36% year-on-year.

Source: Google

Why do foreigners love gemstones?

Decoration is just one aspect, and there are many special meanings to gemstone consumption. In China, jade is regarded as a sacred object of high elegance and nobility, with auspicious meanings. In the West, different types of gems have different meanings. For example, sapphires symbolize wisdom and stability, rubies symbolize love, and precious emeralds symbolize luck and happiness.

In addition, overseas young people worship astrology, and astrologers usually recommend wearing different types of gemstones to change their luck. Therefore, gemstones have a large market overseas.

Source: Google

The latest modern gemology classifies gemstones into three categories according to their uses: colored gemstones, diamonds, and jade.

In a broad sense, gemstones include natural and synthetic ones, as well as some organic materials.

There are also many gemstone products, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, brooches, pendants, and various handicrafts.


New trend of “overseas gemstone fever”

With the emergence of “gemstone fever”, what are the new trends in overseas gemstone consumption market?

1. Colored gemstones are popular

Due to factors such as personalized matching and astrological protection, colored gemstones have become increasingly popular in recent years, and their prices have risen by 100% in the past 10 years.

Related reports show that there is a new round of crazy price increases in the global colored gemstone market, with gemstones selling out at the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition. The exhibition booths for ruby, sapphire, emerald, and Paraiba tourmaline are all very popular, and these stones are in short supply.

Source: Google

2. Valuing cost-effectiveness and fashion

When purchasing gemstones, young consumers overseas value cost-effectiveness more than gemstone quality. Many people will not hesitate to buy jewelry made of alternative materials such as mixed metals and glass, if they believe the product meets their aesthetic, practical, and value concepts.

In this case, especially for fast fashion jewelry, it is necessary to pay close attention to trends and innovate more in style.

Source: Google

3. Acceptance of synthetic gemstones is increasing

With the surge in demand for colored gemstones and soaring prices, the demand and price of synthetic gemstones as substitutes are bound to rise. In addition, consumers’ pursuit of cost-effectiveness has made synthetic gemstones increasingly popular.

China’s Wuzhou produces 7 out of every 10 synthetic gemstones globally. In the first quarter of 2023, the Wuzhou gemstone prosperity index remained in the prosperity zone, and the price index slightly increased, hitting a new high.

One significant reason for this is that “Moissanite” has become popular on TikTok and has shown great potential through cross-border e-commerce, while “cultivated diamonds” that are close to real diamonds are increasingly penetrating the US and other markets.

4. Personalized customization

In the past, custom-made jewelry was the patent of luxury customers, but now personalized customization is no longer limited to the high-end market and has become a widespread trend in all retail sectors.

More and more brands are offering personalized customization services for gemstones. Consumers can choose their desired gemstone type and design, and can even engrave names or meaningful numbers. They can also redesign old jewelry with gemstones…

Image source: Google

It is worth noting that 3D printing technology is becoming more and more widely used in the field of jewelry customization. Customers can choose different materials such as silver, 14k gold, copper, etc. for shaping and printing, and then proceed with polishing, gemstone setting, and other processes.

5. Differences in market preferences

Overseas consumers prefer gemstones that are transparent, colorful, and have strong reflective capabilities. They tend to view jewelry purely as a decoration, without considering investment returns too much. However, consumers in different markets have vastly different demands for gemstones.

For example, Americans prefer large carat gemstones, while Italians prefer small and exquisite types, Brazilians prefer brightly colored gemstones, and Asians generally prefer sparkling ones.


Gemstone brands going global: independent websites and overseas social media strategies

The jewelry industry is a highly artistic and cultural industry. Although cost-effectiveness and design are competitive advantages, brand status is becoming increasingly important as consumers become more rational.

It can be seen that more and more jewelry foreign trade companies are undergoing brand transformation, and independent websites are an excellent carrier for brands.

1. Elements of a gemstone independent website

  • Immersive shopping experience

One problem that online jewelry sales face is that consumers cannot try on the products in person, resulting in a lack of trust and a longer purchasing decision cycle.

Therefore, independent websites need to diversify their product displays to provide customers with an immersive shopping experience. For example, displaying products on models from multiple angles, shooting product videos, 3D displays, and VR try-ons.

Image source: Shoptop store backend

Shoptop independent website builders can use the “Background Video” component to embed automatically playing mute videos on their brand’s independent website to showcase products, convey brand atmosphere, and provide an immersive experience.

  • Customized service settings

Independent websites that provide customized services also need to consider the convenience of the process in decoration. For example, adding a [“Custom”] action button on each product detail page that can provide customized services can simplify the shopping process, provide a good shopping experience, and avoid customer loss.

  • Professional content

In addition to displaying the product design, jewelry independent websites should also convey some knowledge-based content, such as sharing jewelry varieties, sources, and representative meanings, to reflect the brand’s professionalism and enhance users’ trust in the brand.

This type of content can be reflected on the product detail page, as well as in the blog section, which is also beneficial for independent website SEO optimization.

  • Brand story telling

Brand storytelling is essential for a brand, especially for jewelry brands that need to be good at storytelling to give products more meaning.

Image source: Google

Practices that can be implemented include sharing the brand’s founding process and brand philosophy, sharing the design concept of each gemstone product, giving each product unique significance and emotion, and sharing stories of customized users and gemstone products to evoke user emotional resonance through user-generated content.

2. Social Media Marketing

Cost-effective fast fashion jewelry products are very suitable for social media marketing, and such topics have good traffic on various overseas platforms.

Take TikTok as an example, the topic “#Jewellery” has 6.5 billion views, while “#crystal” has 17.6 billion views, and “#fashion” related to it has 277.1 billion views.

Source: TikTok

Google search trends show that in the past 3 months, “Jewellery” has consistently maintained a search heat of over 50 in the United States, and the search heat for related themes and queries has been soaring recently.

Source: Google Trends

Therefore, for jewelry brands, it is very important to do a good job in overseas social media layout and marketing. Brands can start from the following aspects.

  • Short video sharing

Brands share some short videos on various social media platforms, and attract traffic to independent sites through links to brand websites on the homepage, direct purchase links in the video, etc., combined with promotional activities to increase conversion.

It is important to note that whether the video content is attractive is crucial. Content that shows product design and details can directly promote conversion, while some gem processing processes can indirectly enhance users’ trust in the brand.

At the same time, when the brand releases a video, it should also pay attention to adding relevant topics and guiding language with appeal.

  • TikTok Live

Currently, many cross-border merchants on TikTok are selling gemstone jewelry through live broadcasts, and the effect is also very good.

Source: TikTok

The common form of such live broadcasts is to use hand-play and voice-over to show product details, or to live-stream the production and packaging process of gemstone products.

Live streaming can allow overseas consumers to see product effects as if they were right there, greatly improving communication and sales efficiency.

  • Influencer Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, don’t underestimate the selling power of celebrities and influencers. Capable jewelry sellers can also collaborate with influencers for marketing by showcasing products in a scene through unboxing videos, trial experiences, etc.

Shoptop’s independent website building merchants can use the “Distribution Alliance” and “Secondary Distribution” functions in the store’s background. By combining “Influencer Marketing + Distribution Alliance,” they can quickly grow their independent website business.

Final Thoughts

In fact, there are many ways to operate an independent website, and with the help of social media marketing, brands can more easily increase their popularity and influence overseas.

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