Saudi Ports Authority and Saudi Post reached an agreement to promote logistics development

Saudi Ports Authority and Saudi Post agreed to promote logistics development

Saudi Ports Authority and Saudi Post reach an agreement to promote logistics development

In order to achieve the objectives outlined in the Saudi Arabia National Transport and Logistics Strategy, the Saudi Ports Authority has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Saudi Post to manage the authority’s postal requirements. According to reports, the agreement was signed by Majid Al Malik, Vice President of Shared Services and Digital Transformation at Saudi Ports Authority, and Rakan Al-Daifallah, Government Sales General Manager. This new collaboration between these public sector entities will utilize the latest technology and advanced capabilities to create an efficient and cost-effective logistics sector in Saudi Arabia, which also aligns with Saudi Arabia’s efforts to improve its ranking in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index.

Saudi Arabia’s National Transport and Logistics Strategy aims to position the Kingdom as a global logistics hub connecting three continents, by improving all transport services including enhancing the capacity of the air cargo industry by doubling it to over 4.5 million tons by 2030.

Under this new strategic agreement, Saudi Post will manage the postal requirements of the Saudi Ports Authority through its express delivery services, providing customized solutions to meet the needs of both government and non-governmental sectors. It will also ensure cost-effective distribution channels for domestic and international operations.

According to a report by the World Bank, Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in efficiency performance through multiple sub-indicators including trade and transport infrastructure, frequency of cargo tracking and tracing facilities, customs clearance, and the quality of maritime transport. This progress is supported by the Crown Prince and the ambitious goals of the National Transport and Logistics Services Strategy, which includes extensive structural reforms and qualitative strategic initiatives to improve operational efficiency, ultimately consolidating Saudi Arabia’s position in the global logistics landscape.

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