How to conduct Kuwait business information search and customer background investigation, and how to recover unpaid debts from Kuwait clients

Searching for Kuwait business information and customer background, and recovering unpaid debts from Kuwait clients

What should I do if a Kuwaiti customer owes money?

1. Understand the current business situation of the customer

When encountering a Kuwaiti customer who owes money, the first thing to do is to check whether the customer is still operating normally or to conduct a credit investigation of the other party. By obtaining the customer’s enterprise credit report, you can understand the customer’s current business and financial situation, which can help with decision-making.

Method 1: Use the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry [] or [] to query the information of the member companies online.

Method 2: Use the Kuwait Stock Exchange [/] to query information on listed companies.

Method 3: Use Kuwait business directory websites [-ixr=l:?ddkxprc?.ksd=s?_okg], [], [-ixr=l:?ddk_okg], [b=.=la-ixr=l_okg/directory], [?:?kfw=:rvz_okg/directory/], [/r/oa-ixr=l_okg], [/-ixr=l/v_okg], etc., to obtain some information on the target enterprise online.

Method 4: Entrust domestic enterprises with foreign investigation qualifications to conduct detailed credit investigations of client companies, such as Grand Credit Investigation Worldwide, which is registered with the People’s Bank of China, has national supervision, and possesses business registration and foreign investigation licenses.

2. Develop a collection plan

If a Kuwaiti customer owes money, the company can conduct a detailed background check and credit investigation on the customer to understand whether the other party is still in operation, their business and financial situation, and the reason for the overdue payment. This will help to evaluate the possibility of successful collection.

Within 3 months of the payment being overdue, friendly negotiations can be conducted. Reason with the customer and prepare targeted responses to various reasons for non-payment, and strive to collect payment as soon as possible with justified arguments. Payment deadlines can be appropriately given, such as installment payments, but a formal repayment agreement must be signed, and the first payment should be made as soon as possible to show sincerity.

Knowledge sharing on debt collection in Kuwait

1. Matters needing attention in debt collection

1) The Kuwaiti judicial system is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General are appointed by the Emir. The court exercises judicial power in the name of the Emir within the scope of the constitution.

2) The legal provisions for debt collection in Kuwait are not clear.

2. Reasonable debt collection measures

If a company cannot recover its debts for more than three months through self-collection, it can quickly entrust a professional third-party organization for global debt collection. The business personnel of a professional organization are familiar with the local judicial and business environments, as well as relationship networks. They have rich debt collection experience, multiple collection channels, and a complete database. They can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the credit status and repayment ability of overseas companies, and formulate the most suitable debt collection plan based on the characteristics of the debtor. At the same time, the company can also focus its time and energy on customers who pay their bills on time.


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