Does the App need to find seed users in advance for overseas expansion?

Seed users needed for overseas expansion in App?

In the current globalized market environment, more and more applications (Apps) are considering entering overseas markets. When entering a new market, seed users are crucial to the success of the App. Seed users can provide important feedback and data to help the App succeed in the new market.

So, should an App entering the overseas market look for seed users in advance? The answer is yes. Let’s explore this issue below.

Firstly, what are seed users? Seed users are users who are willing to try and provide feedback on a product before it is launched into the market. They may be enthusiastic fans, industry experts, or early users who are willing to try new products. These users are crucial to the success of new products because they can provide feedback and suggestions to developers, help developers understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product, and provide promotion and publicity for the product before it is launched.

For a new App, it is necessary to find seed users in advance. Firstly, seed users can help test the product, provide feedback and suggestions, and help developers understand market demand and user experience. Timely feedback before the App is launched can help developers improve the product, increase user stickiness, and increase market share. Secondly, seed users can help the App expand its influence. Through social media, forums, blogs, and other channels, seed users can provide word-of-mouth promotion and publicity for the App, attracting more users and potential customers.

Of course, finding seed users also has some challenges. Firstly, finding suitable seed users requires time and resources. Developers need to carefully screen and select users to ensure that they can provide valuable feedback and suggestions. Secondly, some seed users may make overly demanding requirements for the product, which may cause developers to focus too much on details and ignore the overall user experience. Therefore, developers need to have good communication skills to establish stable cooperative relationships with seed users.

In conclusion, it is necessary for apps entering overseas markets to proactively search for seed users. Seed users can provide valuable feedback and suggestions, help developers understand market demand and user experience, and also promote and advertise the app through word-of-mouth. However, developers also need to pay attention to finding suitable seed users and possess good communication and feedback handling abilities in order to better utilize this resource.

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