Qualify for the shortlist! One trick to seize the entrance to 100,000 Father’s Day traffic!

Seize the entrance to 100,000 Father's Day traffic by qualifying for the shortlist!

1. Father’s Day Traffic Entrance

a. Home Page Search Entrance with 300 Million Traffic

Image source: Amazon search front end

With over 300 million active buyer accounts worldwide, when 300 million buyers open Amazon’s website, the Father’s Day fashion gifts window catches their eye. With Father’s Day approaching, this festival window will undoubtedly bring huge additional traffic to sellers.

b. Search Page Traffic Entrance

Image source: Seller’s Assistant

Image source: Seller’s Assistant

Through the seller’s assistant software, it can be seen that the monthly search volume of “father’s day” is about 112,000, and the monthly search volume of “father’s day gifts” is about 130,000.

It can be seen that Father’s Day keywords can also add about 100,000 traffic to sellers.

c. Explore Father’s Day Gifts Traffic Entrance

Image source: Amazon search page

By searching for “father’s day” and related keywords, a traffic entrance called “Explore Father’s Day gifts” appears at the top of the search page.

2. Amazon Father’s Day Traffic Entrance Qualification

a. Home Page Father’s Day Traffic Entrance Qualification

Image source: Amazon search page

By clicking on the “Father’s Day fashion gifts” entrance, you can see that there are 355 sellers who qualify for the home page Father’s Day traffic entrance. It can be seen that it is difficult to qualify for the home page Father’s Day traffic entrance.

What specific products can qualify? Let’s take a look together.

① Amazon’s own products

Image source: Seller’s Assistant

② US local sellers

Image source: Seller’s Assistant

All 355 sellers of this traffic entrance are composed of Amazon’s own products and US local sellers, of which Amazon’s own products account for about 98%. Therefore, as ordinary sellers, we need to give up this traffic entrance resolutely because it is not open to us ordinary sellers.

b. Explore Father’s Day gifts entrance traffic eligibility

Image source: Amazon front-end

This entrance traffic, just like the search page traffic entrance mentioned earlier, has no restrictions, and any Amazon self-operated, US local seller, or ordinary Chinese seller can be eligible.

So how can you seize the opportunity to occupy Father’s Day traffic entrance?

The following will focus on two aspects: search page traffic entrance and Explore Father’s Day gifts entrance traffic.

3. How to seize Father’s Day traffic entrance

a. Seizing Explore Father’s Day gifts entrance traffic

Image source: Amazon front-end

In this traffic entrance, there is a small entrance called Father’s Day Deals. Instead of competing with big sellers or other sellers in terms of sales or operation, it is better to use the fastest and most direct method: join Amazon Deals. Only Amazon invites you to join Amazon Deals. If you are not invited, you can also find a service provider to help. There are many service providers that can make your products eligible for Deals, but the premise is that at least one of your products has been invited by Amazon to participate in Deals before, so that you can operate it.

b. Search page traffic entrance

① Improve search ranking

Image source: Amazon front-end

After entering the search keywords, the first thing that catches your eye is the best-selling products. According to Amazon’s A9 algorithm, products with high sales and good display will have a higher search ranking.

Image source: Youmaiyun

Image source: Youmaiyun

The most common way for big sellers to increase sales is to use a combination of keyword ranking + keyword card placement to seize the target advertising space. Our goal is to become the homepage position of Father’s Day gifts advertising space.

②Optimizing keywords on the listing page

Image source: Amazon front-end

If you want to seize the advertising space, we recommend that you add relevant keywords such as “fathers day gifts” in advance in the title and search term, and you can also fill in keywords in other locations on the listing page.

Image source: Umeng Cloud

After the optimization of the listing keywords is completed, we can then optimize the advertising by combining the ad occupancy rate.

③Optimizing ads

Image source: Umeng Cloud

Create different ad groups to get more exposure.

Image source: Umeng Cloud

In order to test the advertising effect of keywords and traffic, our operations team will simultaneously launch the same keywords or search terms in multiple ad groups. Through the summary function of Umeng Cloud, we can view the performance of the keyword under different ad campaigns, which is convenient for judging the overall effectiveness of the keyword.

Image source: Umeng Cloud

Through the secondary loading function, we can conduct detailed analysis of the advertising data on the current page. The first time only loads basic advertising data, and then requests for keyword translation, suggested bidding, search term number, timing strategy, time-based bidding benchmark value, weekly search term ranking, display frequency share and ranking data, etc.

In short, we must seize the entrance of Amazon Father’s Day traffic!

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