Self-Assessment and Self-Sustenance System (Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform)

Self-Assessment and Self-Sustenance System for Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

(Using both mobile phone and computer environments) Our self-cultivating phone evaluation system can generate an unlimited number of different real phone bottom-layer environments on one iPhone. Each environment is equivalent to a new phone, and we use shielding technology from the bottom layer environment to make Amazon detect only the parameters we provide, such as phone model, memory, IMEI, serial number, MAC address, and carrier. We use independent residential IPs from foreign countries for each independent environment, corresponding to registering or logging in a buyer account. In this way, one account and one IP do not have any associated parameters.

We use this evaluation system to register foreign buyer accounts, making them no different from real foreign users during the shopping process. One mobile phone system can store thousands of buyer accounts, equivalent to having thousands of evaluation foreigners. We can conduct evaluations independently for our shops, including order supplements, likes, questions and answers, leaving reviews, deleting negative reviews, etc., and uploading pictures and videos is also very convenient.

Our evaluation environment system is suitable for cross-border platforms such as Amazon, Pinduoduo Temu, Shopee, Lazada, Wish, AliExpress, Meiliduo, Ali International, Walmart, Joom, OZON, Allegro, Cdiscount, etc.

Using a jailbroken Apple phone with a specified system version installed, we use new phone hardware bottom-layer environments to implement shielding technology.

There are many disguise tools on the market, but they are not specifically designed for Amazon. Many software companies only focus on disguising for popular platforms, mainly to facilitate program developers to debug system programs, and cannot be used in the Amazon evaluation industry. Moreover, the risk control for each platform is different. Our technical team starts from the hardware environment and cooperates with software control to shield against Amazon’s detection rules and prevent associations. We distinguish all environments independently, so Amazon can only detect the parameters we provide.

There are many types of IP addresses on the market, such as public, data center, and residential, and they can be either static or dynamic. Representative examples include 922, Ziniao, Luminati, Rola, TM traffic cards, RSOCKS, and many others. Aside from the high cost, there are many users, and there are often problems with repeated IPs, DNS jumping to other countries, or blacklisted IPs, which can lead to order cancellations and account bans.

Our environment system needs to set up an overseas server, build a firewall through remote secure terminals, block hardware parameter associations, and then use a residential dedicated line IP. We also use a fingerprint browser and add a privacy plugin to prevent tracking by ping and HTML, and monitor how many times the system is traced each day and directly block it.

Although the underlying environment is very complex, the operation is very simple and convenient. Evaluation can only be carried out in a secure environment system and with pure IPs in order to avoid being detected by Amazon’s risk control, which can lead to account bans or order cancellations. High account survival rates are our technical team’s pursuit.

In addition to a secure underlying environment, it is also essential to understand the account’s nurturing cycle, the number of orders placed, how to safely maintain the account, and how to control reviews and run advertisements for the store. The entire process and system must be well understood.

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