Shein is recruiting multiple executives in the United States to accelerate the development of its third-party platform!

Shein is hiring executives in the US to speed up the growth of their third-party platform

According to foreign media reports, Chinese fast fashion retailer Shein is recruiting multiple senior executives to accelerate the launch of its third-party platform “Shein Marketplace” in the United States. The company first tested the platform model in Brazil in March last year and expanded to Mexico this year.

According to recruitment information on LinkedIn, the company is recruiting a logistics director in the United States, who will serve as the liaison between Shein’s US subsidiary and its Singapore headquarters. According to Modern Retail, the company is also recruiting a financial compliance director (direction of financial sanctions, anti-money laundering, and legal compliance) and some US market personnel.

The logistics director will be responsible for managing Shein’s relationships with its third-party logistics companies, warehouses, and trucking companies. According to the recruitment advertisement, this person will also need to help Shein’s overseas logistics team “optimize the import process and deal with some daily customs clearance exceptions (orders from cross-border sellers).”

This recruitment is taking place as Shein faces more scrutiny from US lawmakers. Recently, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said in a report that Shein “may have data risks, procurement violations, and intellectual property infringement.”

In early May, a group of 24 US congressmen and bipartisan representatives wrote to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, requesting that Shein provide evidence that it has not used forced labor in Xinjiang, otherwise Shein will be barred from IPO in the United States.

Shein responded that it has no suppliers in the Xinjiang region and “cannot tolerate” forced labor. The company said it will cooperate with the committee’s investigation because it is “committed to respecting human rights and complying with local laws and regulations in each market.”

BusinessDialogue understands that Shein was founded in China in 2008 and its headquarters is currently located in Singapore. In the past few years, Shein has achieved explosive growth by offering low-priced, fashionable clothing.

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