Shein has officially launched its store on the US website, and the first group of sellers have made a fortune

Shein launched on US website, first sellers made a fortune

Last week, the fashion e-commerce giant SHEIN announced the launch of its platform model. After the Brazilian market, it officially launched the platform model in the United States and will gradually promote it to global markets. This heavyweight news was forwarded by many media outlets, but SHEIN remains as low-key as ever and is currently only recruiting on a small scale.

In fact, before the official announcement, a few cross-border sellers had already learned that SHEIN had opened its platform model and rushed to contact the official merchant manager in the hope of completing their entry as soon as possible. However, most sellers still do not know that SHEIN has opened the entrance for recruiting third-party sellers for all categories and is about to become a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

It is understood that SHEIN’s entry is still directional invitation, and will gradually open up in the future. These directional invitation targets have an annual GMV of over 2.2 million US dollars on other cross-border platforms, and other sellers have also actively applied. SHEIN has long been ranked at the forefront of overseas shopping app downloads, with high popularity, a huge user base, and surging traffic. Although the platform model has just started, the starting point is very high, and there is probably a high return on investment for those who join in now.

The feedback from sellers who have already joined is even more convincing. Some sellers have said that they receive orders as soon as they go live, and high-priced products are also very popular. This has given sellers who have been looking for new channels an opportunity.

On May 6th, SHEIN officially launched its platform model in the United States and will promote it globally in the future. Local brands, merchants, and global third-party sellers from more markets will join the SHEIN platform. In simple terms, SHEIN’s third-party platform is now open for business.

So, are sellers interested in this new platform? The author asked some sellers, and some of them still don’t know about SHEIN’s merchant recruitment changes, but the sellers who are ahead of the game have already tasted success.

Introduction to the settled sellers, the threshold for different categories is different; Currently supported delivery methods include Amazon FBA delivery or seller third-party overseas warehouse delivery. In addition, SHEIN’s backstage experience is similar to Walmart’s, but the traffic is much better.

According to reports, SHEIN provides a series of preferential measures to new sellers, including three months of commission-free, platform bearing return shipping costs, and subsequent platforms charging 10% of sales commission for all categories, and sellers bear the return shipping costs themselves.

SHEIN’s platform layout may have multiple considerations, and sellers will vote with their feet. Like many peers, sellers will also consider settling in SHEIN to expand new sales channels.

From the transformation of fast fashion giants, SHEIN has taken a big step in platformization transformation. SHEIN started with fast fashion and has been doing self-employment. The platform model looks like it wants to expand its sales scale and become stronger. Before the SHEIN platform entrance was opened, SHEIN already had 250 million fans worldwide. Such a huge user group is undoubtedly an irresistible business opportunity for third-party sellers.

Overall, SHEIN’s platformization is undoubtedly good news for sellers. In today’s increasingly mature e-commerce industry, the market penetration rate of cross-border e-commerce sellers is gradually increasing, but they also face new challenges. It is particularly important to stand out in homogeneous competition and broaden sales channels. SHEIN’s platformization provides sellers with a new opportunity to reach more users, enhance brand awareness, and expand sales channels. This opportunity should not be missed.

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