Shein USA platform is now online, and Anker is one of the first brands to settle in

Shein USA platform is online and Anker is among the first brands to join

On May 4th, Shein announced that it will launch its platform mode SHEIN Marketplace in global markets.

BusinessDialogue learned that SHEIN Marketplace made its debut last month in Brazil, and on May 6th, Shein announced its official launch in the United States.

So how is Shein performing in the U.S. market?

BusinessDialogue understands that Shein’s share in the U.S. e-commerce market has been steadily increasing, and it has even squeezed into the top ten online retailers in the U.S. In 2022, Shein’s sales reached $30 billion, and it is expected that its global GMV (total transaction volume) will grow to $80 billion by 2025. In addition, with its wide-ranging social media marketing strategy, Shein’s app was downloaded more than 229 million times in 2022, surpassing Amazon to become the most downloaded app in the U.S.

With excellent sales and huge traffic, the launch of Shein’s platform mode in the United States has caused cross-border discussions.

Shein’s business model has always been focused on designing and selling its own brand, and now SHEIN Marketplace, which invites third-party sellers to sell on the platform while selling Shein’s own products, means that third-party sellers will compete with Shein on the same platform.

Anker is one of the first brands to join Shein

BusinessDialogue learned that Shein’s platform is open to both U.S. and international sellers, especially those with physical stores, who can provide faster logistics. When browsing Shein’s U.S. website, BusinessDialogue found that in addition to clothing and shoes, home, beauty, electronics, jewelry and other categories are also prominently displayed at the forefront of the page, and Shein’s future recruitment of third-party sellers may focus on these categories.

Under these categories, some products come from third-party brand sellers. Among them, cross-border e-commerce star brand Anker has become one of the first brands to join Shein platform.

According to the page information, there are currently more than 200 Anker products displayed on the Shein US website, including mobile power supplies, chargers, data cables, headphones, and Bluetooth peripherals.

As a top seller on the Amazon platform, Anker’s products sold on Shein are priced the same as on Amazon. It can be seen that this is Anker’s decision and it has not conducted any subsidy activities for Shein’s US platform.

For cross-border sellers, what they are more concerned about is: How to join the Shein US site? How is the volume of already registered sellers?

Registered Shein sellers: Listing means orders, which is great!

In fact, as early as around March, many cross-border merchants received official manager’s invitation to enjoy multiple benefits such as 3-month commission-free and return shipping, 0 traffic fees, and pricing rights. In order to make it easier for sellers to understand, BusinessDialogue has organized the information collected so far as follows:

  1. In terms of commission, the first 3 months are commission-free, and thereafter a 10% commission will be charged for all categories;

  2. In terms of pricing and traffic, sellers currently have pricing rights and 0 traffic fees;

  3. In terms of logistics, sellers’ products must be shipped from the United States. Currently, most sellers create multi-channel distribution orders through Amazon FBA warehouses, and some sellers ship through third-party overseas warehouses. SHEIN will bear the return shipping costs for the first 3 months.

Meanwhile, Shein said that after third-party sellers join, they can see real-time performance and sales of their products, and can also leverage SHEIN’s efficient supply chain integration and management capabilities, as well as consumer demand capture and flow capabilities and other resources. In addition, several Shein sellers have made high-profile statements: “Shein is really popular. I received orders as soon as my products were listed. I’m so lucky to have joined early!” “My products have a relatively high unit price. At first, I was worried that they wouldn’t sell, but I didn’t expect that even with a high unit price of $50, they sold well on Shein. The traffic on Shein is really good.” “The backend operations are convenient, and the products are shipped from overseas warehouses, which means that there is another channel for sales. I will focus on operating on the Shein platform in the future.” Under the recommendation of the existing sellers, “How to join Shein” has become the most concerned issue for most sellers. Shein officially announced its third-party platform and held a home category investment meeting in Yiwu on May 8th. Many sellers speculate that there will be more investment meetings in the future. However, many sellers are still confused about the entry threshold.

Regarding the entry threshold issue that sellers are most concerned about, BusinessDialogue interviewed Shein officials and learned that in the early stage, it was mainly through targeted invitations, and later it will gradually open for all. If sellers have the intention to actively join, the single store’s annual GMV must reach $2-4 million. Of course, sellers who join the SHEIN platform must also comply with SHEIN’s relevant market service agreements and policies, including seller behavior guidelines and policy terms that protect customer safety. In order to help more sellers who are interested in the Shein platform model to answer their questions, BusinessDialogue has created a group chat [Shein Cross-border Platform Discussion Group]. You are welcome to scan the QR code below and reply [shein] to join the group for communication.

▲Scan the code and reply with 【shein】 to join the group.

In order to support its third-party business, Shein is also constantly striving. According to AMZ123, Shein is not only limited to attracting third-party sellers in China, but is also building a team in Los Angeles, recruiting multiple positions to attract and support sellers, and plans to expand its supply chain by increasing local sellers. It is believed that in the future, more local brands, merchants, and global third-party sellers from various markets will join the SHEIN platform, better meeting the growing online consumption needs of consumers.

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