Spain’s April e-commerce app download rankings announced! Shein won two first places!

Shein won two first places in Spain's April e-commerce app download rankings

According to BusinessDialogue,, a data analysis platform, recently released the April e-commerce app download rankings, including both Android and iOS systems in Spain. The platform also compared the e-commerce rankings in April with the previous month.

The most downloaded Android shopping apps in April (+ indicates a rise in ranking, – indicates a drop in ranking):

  1. Shein (+1)

  2. Miravia (-1)

  3. Wallapop (+2)

  4. Milanuncios (-1)

  5. Amazon Shopping (+2)

  6. Vinted (+2)

  7. Lidl Plus (-1)

  8. Mi Carrefour (+2)

  9. AliExpress Shopping (-5)

  10. Zalando (-1)

Shein was the most downloaded shopping app on the Android system in April. Shein took the top spot from Miravia, who fell to second place. However, AliExpress dropped five places in the rankings in April, falling to ninth place, just ahead of Zalando.

It is worth noting that Spaniards have shown a relatively high interest in second-hand shopping apps such as Wallapop and Milanuncios, both of which are among the top five most downloaded shopping apps on the Android system.

The most downloaded iOS shopping apps in April:

  1. Shein (+1)

  2. Miravia (-1)

  3. Vinted (=)

  4. Wallapop (=)

  5. Amazon Shopping (+1)

  6. AliExpress Shopping (-1)

  7. Milanuncios (=)

  8. Temu (+38)

  9. Mi Carrefour (+2)

  10. Alibaba(=)

As with the Android system, Shein and Miravia were the two most downloaded shopping apps for iOS users.

In the ranking, the most eye-catching shopping application is Temu. Temu landed in Spain in April and successfully climbed 38 places, ranking eighth in the country’s iOS download ranking.

In addition, the performance of Mi Carrefour was also strong in April, successfully climbing two places (ninth). The rankings of the shopping applications Wallapop and Milanuncios did not change, ranking fourth and seventh respectively.

Most commonly used Android shopping apps by Spaniards

  1. Amazon Shopping (=)

  2. Aliexpress (=)

  3. Wallapop (=)

  4. Shein (=)

  5. Lidl Plus (+1)

  6. Milanuncios (-1)

  7. Mi Carrefour (=)

  8. Vinted (=)

  9. Supermercados Día y Club Día (=)

  10. Zalando (=)

In April, Amazon continued to maintain its leading position as the most commonly used Android shopping application among Spaniards. In addition, Lidl Plus rose one place to fifth, while Milanuncios dropped one place to sixth.

Most commonly used iOS shopping apps by Spaniards

  1. Amazon Shopping (=)

  2. Shein (+1)

  3. AliExpress Shopping (-1)

  4. Wallapop (=)

  5. Vinted (=)

  6. Zara (=)

  7. Zalando (=)

  8. Miravia (+1)

  9. Milanuncios (-1)

  10. Lidl Plus (=)

In April, there was little change in the ranking of the most commonly used shopping apps on the iOS platform compared to March. Amazon continued to maintain its leading position as the most popular shopping app among Spaniards. The second most popular app was the Chinese platform Shein, which rose one place. AliExpress Shopping dropped one place to third.

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