Shenzhen Airport plans to invest 100 million yuan to establish a subsidiary; Freight forwarding giant acquires a well-established logistics company in the United States

Shenzhen Airport to invest 100M yuan for subsidiary, freight forwarding giant acquires US logistics company

1. Zhonglian Shipping launches new FME route to East India

On May 26th, Zhonglian Shipping launched the FME route to East India, providing transportation channels from China to Chenn ai and Vizag ports in East India. The route includes stops at Busan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shekou, Singapore, Port Klang West, Chennai, Vizag, Port Klang West, Singapore, and Manila North before returning to Busan. This route, previously operated under the names “IEX,” “FCS,” “FME,” and “FCS” by CMA CGM, COSCO, EMC, OOCL, and others, is now serviced by multiple 5,000-7,000 TEU vessels and has a cycle time of 7 weeks.

FME provides fast direct shipping from China to East India, with a unique route connecting East India to the Philippines Manila, as well as providing routes connecting East India via Port Klang to Thailand (BKK/LCH) and Vietnam (HCM/HPH), as well as cold-chain and hazardous material transportation services.

Source: Logistics Baba

2. Korean Air opens Zhengzhou to Seoul international cargo route

On May 26th, Korean Air and the Henan Airport Group held an opening ceremony to celebrate the opening of the regular international cargo route from Zhengzhou, China to Seoul, South Korea. This new international cargo route will depart from Incheon International Airport in Seoul, stop in Xi’an, and arrive at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. The return flight will depart from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and fly directly to Incheon International Airport in Seoul. This cargo route will be operated using B777F freighter aircraft, with plans for one flight each on Thursdays and Saturdays. Korean Air already operates full-freighter routes in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Hong Kong. This new route from Zhengzhou to Seoul will further expand Korean Air’s presence in the Chinese market and strengthen its air logistics network.

Source: China News Network

3. Shenzhen Airport plans to set up a subsidiary with a capital injection of 100 million yuan

On May 26th, Shenzhen Airport disclosed an announcement on investment in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary. In order to effectively solve the urgent problem of insufficient resources for international cargo handling at Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen Airport has initiated the construction of a new phase of international logistics facilities and, in order to fully seize the opportunity of international freight development, Shenzhen Airport plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Shenchang Air Cargo Co., Ltd., in Shenzhen City with its own funds, to operate the new phase of international logistics facilities, ensure the sustainable development of Shenzhen Airport’s international freight business, and the proposed Shenchang Cargo will be wholly owned by Shenzhen Airport.

The announcement materials show that Shenchang Cargo’s registered capital is 100 million yuan (to be injected in stages according to project progress), and its business scope includes air cargo transportation packaging services, cargo transportation packaging services, loading and unloading, storage equipment rental services, information technology consulting services, park management services, and international cargo transportation agency services, among others. The company is 100% owned by Shenzhen Airport.

Source: Air Cargo Express News

4. Amazon launches “Buy Now, Pay Later” service in Singapore

On May 26th, Amazon and Southeast Asian payment giant Atome partnered to launch the “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) service for Singaporean users. Now, users of (Amazon’s Singapore site) can use Atome’s three-stage payment and zero-interest payment options. Before using the service, users need to bind their Atome account on Amazon. If they do not have an Atome account, they need to download the Atome app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play and register. As part of the partnership, Amazon will also provide discounts for users who use Atome to pay. Starting from June 1st, for orders worth $150 or more, users can enjoy a $15 discount by choosing Atome payment at checkout.

Source: Taiwan News

5. SHEIN and Temu dominate the global top 50 shopping app download charts

On May 26th, according to the latest research by MarketplacePulse, Shein and Temu are among the top downloaded applications in half of the largest economies in the world. Download volume is not equal to income and size, but it can measure the global influence of Shein and Temu to some extent.

The research shows that, among the 50 largest countries in the world, Shein or Temu occupies the first and second positions simultaneously in ten countries, and the two are also the top shopping apps in terms of download times in 25 countries. In addition, Shein or Temu has entered the top ten shopping app download charts in at least another ten countries.

Shein and Temu have different supply chain and category focuses and brand awareness, but they both represent the business model iteration of Chinese companies going global from manufacturing, sales to marketing.

Source: Business Dialogue

6. AliExpress announces the rhythm of the 618 promotion: officially on sale on June 12th

On May 26th, AliExpress (AliExpress) 618 summer sale has started promotion. The AliExpress 618 promotion started in mid-May and will continue until June 6th. The warm-up period will start on June 10th and last for 2 days. The official sales period will start on June 12th and last for 7 days until June 18th. The price control period will last for 45 days from May 12th to June 25th. It is important to note that all times are in the Pacific Time Zone.

The highlights of the AliExpress 618 promotion include: first, AliExpress and Cainiao jointly upgrade the logistics routes for free. In 15 key countries, new users can enjoy 3 free logistics route upgrades; in 33 countries, new users can enjoy partial logistics route free upgrades for their first order; in the key 15 countries, the “upgrade mission after purchase” will be launched, and users will receive the “upgrade logistics by placing another order” mission after placing an order.

Source: E-commerce News

7. Shopee Launches Brand Protection Plan

On May 26, Shopee launched a brand protection plan (BPP) to enhance the protection of brands and promote cooperation with global brand partners. Sellers who join the program can not only effectively protect their products and intellectual property, but also have the opportunity to receive other services, such as faster turnover, active control, and brand analysis reports twice a year. As part of the program, Shopee also invites sellers to participate in a pilot program from online to offline to assist them in offline investigations of online fraud.

Source: DNY123

8. Geodis Announces Acquisition of Southern Companies, a US Logistics Company

On May 26, Geodis, a French freight forwarding company, announced the acquisition of Southern Companies, a US logistics company, to strengthen its operational network. Southern Companies, founded in Miami in 1965, provides trailer transportation and warehousing services and operates in seven ports in the United States, including Miami, Everglades, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa, Savannah, and Charleston.

Geodis stated that this acquisition will enhance its end-to-end supply chain capabilities in the United States.

Source: China Navigation News


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