Account Transfer Function of Sunrate Exchange | Improved Efficiency, Transfer Speed Increased up to 90%

Sunrate Exchange's account transfer function has been improved, resulting in an increased efficiency and up to 90% faster transfer speeds

Transferring funds from one corporate bank account to another is one of the most common scenarios in the process of trade finance. Whether it’s the transfer of funds between subsidiary accounts of a group, or the efficient transfer of funds between accounts for payments to different suppliers, it can help companies quickly allocate funds internally, stabilize cash flow, and provide important support to maintain third-party cooperation and ensure smooth business operations.

However, due to multiple parties and multiple processes involved in bank transfers between different accounts, the payment process can often be lengthy and cumbersome, which can lead to problems for many foreign traders, such as:

1) Delayed receipt of funds, causing orders to be unable to be delivered as planned;

2) Exchange rate issues, with high exchange losses making it difficult to proceed;

3) High bank handling fees.

Is there a more convenient and fast way to solve these payment problems than the slow and expensive traditional bank transfer mode?

The “Account Transfer” function of SUNRATE supports companies to make easy transfers to other SUNRATE accounts in compliant scenarios. The operation is simple and the transfer is fast, supporting payment in 25+ currencies, and efficient circulation of funds within the SUNRATE system can be achieved.

Currently, the transfer speed for account transfers has been comprehensively upgraded, with the highest transfer speed being increased by 90%, helping companies achieve a smoother trading experience.

NO.1 Fast transfer, no waiting required

The “Account Transfer” function of SUNRATE can be used in various scenarios, such as between affiliated companies, or for companies to transfer funds to suppliers/service providers, etc., by initiating a convenient transfer service through the SUNRATE platform. The self-owned system of SUNRATE is interconnected, and funds can be received in real-time within a few seconds*, greatly speeding up the payment cycle for fund flow.

*The specific time limit depends on the reason for payment and compliance review rules.

NO.2 Abundant currency options, lower costs

The Xunhui platform has a proprietary transfer system between accounts and supports 25+ currencies. Enterprises can adjust funds in their accounts and transfer them to other Xunhui SUNRATE accounts in their original currencies without currency conversion. The transaction fees are low, effectively reducing transaction costs.

NO.3 Safe and hassle-free

Say goodbye to cumbersome procedures and directly verify and select the payee using their Xunhui ID and name. After filling out and submitting the transfer information, the transfer operation can be completed in one step, making it convenient and fast.

How to use Xunhui SUNRATE’s “account-to-account transfer” function?

1) Consult your account manager to enable the “account-to-account transfer” function.

2) Obtain the payee’s Xunhui ID and account name.

3) Log in to the Xunhui SUNRATE system, go to the “Global Payment”-“Account-to-Account Transfer” interface, and select the payee.

4) Enter the payment currency, transfer amount, payment purpose, and upload supporting documents in order.

5) After completing the information, submit the transaction. After the backend processing is completed, the transfer can be completed in as fast as a few seconds.

*To experience efficient and convenient transfer services, contact your dedicated account manager to enable this function.

More features coming soon

The “account-to-account transfer-scheduled transfer” function will be launched in Q2. This function supports enterprises to arrange transfers in advance for specified dates according to their own operations. The transaction will be executed automatically on the scheduled date, making fund management more flexible, saving time and effort.

If you want to know more about the “Account Transfer” feature, please continue to follow the official WeChat account of “SUNRATE”.

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