Take it down immediately! Two of the most popular brands Gpen electronic cigarette & Nike, trademark patent rights protection case, freeze commences

Take down now! Gpen & Nike face trademark protection freeze for patent infringement

0 1 Gpen E-cigarette 0 1 Brand Introduction

Gpen is a popular e-cigarette brand in the United States, leading the e-cigarette industry with its originality and talent. It was the first to launch a tank system designed specifically for basic liquids and aromatic solutions, making it the most advanced portable vaporizer.

It is also a representative brand of e-cigarettes in the United States, with relatively high visibility. At the same time, Gpen’s influence in the industry is also considerable, and the number of lawsuits filed against it is countless, including infringement cases.

Official website: https://www.gpen.com/

Type of Rights: Design Patent Case Introduction

Filing Date: April 12, 2023

Case Number: 23-cv-2299

Plaintiff: Crayola Properties, Inc.

Law Firm: GBC

The defendant list is as follows:

0 2 Nike

0 2 Brand Introduction

Nike is one of the world’s renowned sportswear brands, founded in 1972. It mainly sells clothing, sports shoes, hats, and various sports equipment. The small hook is also a very iconic symbol, which in English refers to the Greek goddess of victory, and is translated into Chinese as “Nike.”

Official website: https://www.nikestore.com.cn/

In recent years, Nike has registered many graphic trademarks for the basketball shoe styles it has designed, and its rights protection scope is not limited to well-known word trademarks. Sellers need to be aware if they sell similar products.

Type of Rights Protection: Trademark Infringement Case Introduction Introduction to the case

Brand Plaintiff: Nike, Inc.

Filing Date: May 1, 2023

Case Number: 23-cv-2731

Law Firm: GBC

Response Measures:

1) For those who have not received complaints during use, change the name or take it off the shelf quickly.

2) Early warning to “avoid infringement” is the most effective way to avoid infringement. Before listing or using, you can check it on the following three websites:

1. Infringement detection tool: Copy the link and open it on the computer: https://yayip.com/index/tort/index.html

2. https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/search

3. https://branddb.wipo.int/branddb/en/

3) For those whose accounts have been complained about and blocked, please recognize the fact of infringement. After the complaint is served, the defendant needs to submit a defense within 21 days, which is called the response period. Regardless of whether it is determined that one has infringed, one must deal with it within the response period. If the defendant does not reply or ignores it within the limited period, the court will directly rule that all the plaintiff’s lawsuits are established, and the defendant will face not only the frozen amount being withdrawn, but also huge compensation.

4) Please have a professional lawyer issue a lawyer’s letter or settle or respond with the other party. Our company accepts to handle such cases and has rich experience.

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