Foldable handcart has 558 invention patents in the US market for anti-infringement warnings and avoidance design

The foldable handcart in the US has 558 patents for anti-infringement warnings and avoidance design

You also know that it is relatively easy to avoid design patents by making appropriate changes to the appearance, as long as they are not highly similar.

However, if you are trying to avoid an invention patent, even if you make changes to the appearance, it may still be possible to infringe on the invention patent if you do not grasp the key points or if your avoidance direction is incorrect.

For example, this “foldable handcart”:

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It has a highly relevant US invention patent in the US market, and its working principle is summarized below:

A foldable handcart comprising a frame component,

wherein the frame component includes a handle component 1,

two front wheel support components 3,

two rear wheel support components 8 (the front and rear wheel support components are the same),

two side wall components 5,

a front wall component 9,

a rear wall component 91,

a bottom frame component 6,

four upper fixing seats 4,

two handle fixing seats 2,

and two lower fixing seats 7.

All the connecting structures and their relationships are specified in the summary of claim 1 of the invention patent.

The folding structure design is quite ingenious, making it difficult to avoid.

Therefore, the key point of avoidance here can start from the handle structure, which is relatively easy to avoid this invention patent.

The infringement avoidance scheme I propose for this invention patent is as follows:

Starting from the connection relationship of handle component 1, do not connect the handle component with the lower fixing seat 2.

Instead, it is connected with the vertical rod 20 of the front wheel, which can slide and adjust the height of the rod.

This modification will not infringe on the corresponding US invention patent in the US market.

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