Which country’s consumers in Europe love cross-border online shopping the most? The latest research results are out!

The latest research reveals which European country loves cross-border online shopping the most

Business Dialogue has learned that according to a new study by DPD Romania, European consumers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary often buy products on foreign e-commerce websites.

The study found that cross-border online shoppers from these eight European countries prefer to buy fashion, footwear, and beauty and healthcare products. Specifically, consumers from Poland (64%), Bulgaria (61%), Slovenia (54%), and Hungary (53%) prefer to buy shoes on foreign e-commerce websites. Consumers from the other three markets prefer to buy clothing: the Czech Republic (69%) and Slovakia (69%) as well as Croatia (65%).

Among the markets studied, Romanian consumers are most interested in beauty/healthcare products (64%), followed by consumers from Poland (56%) and Slovenia (43%). Consumers from these eight European countries also like to buy books, jewelry, entertainment products, home appliances, food and beverages, and medicine on foreign e-commerce platforms.

The study also pointed out that cross-border online shoppers from Slovenia (80%) and Hungary (77%) are the highest in the EU, higher than the EU average (57%). In addition to these two countries, cross-border online shoppers from Bulgaria (71%), Croatia (68%), Slovakia (63%), and the Czech Republic (62%) are also higher than the EU average.

The main reasons why European consumers choose to shop on foreign e-commerce websites are that product prices are lower (52%) and some products or brands are not available in the local market (52%). It is worth noting that many European consumers hope that e-commerce websites can provide their country’s language.

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