The people outside, why do they choose products so quickly? Because the outside world is very exciting!

They choose products quickly because the outside world is exciting

It was discovered that some friends are still stuck in product selection.

Today, I will share some off-site product selection methods with you, which can broaden your product selection ideas.

  1. TikTok, which is popular all over the world

    Tiktok now has more than 2 billion traffic, and even such a sentence is popular abroad: “Tiktok made me buy it.”

    Because Tiktok is a content platform, there will be various internet celebrity bloggers, as well as ordinary people, who will release some interesting things on it.

    Many popular products are even brought up by Tiktok.

If you use Tiktok as the main keyword to search on Amazon, a batch of products will appear.

There are over 50,000 search results, and below are some products.

Many of these products cannot be sold due to fierce competition. However, I also saw a few opportunities.

2. Temu product selection method

Recently, everyone has been discussing whether the overseas version of Pinduoduo, Temu, can make money.

Some people say that it can make money, but only a small amount.

Some people say that it cannot make money and that only manufacturers can do it.

Whether it can make money depends on the individual.

You may think that $300 is money, while others may think that $3 is money.

Therefore, I think whether it can make money is a pseudo-proposition. To do a good job on a platform, there must be a method for doing it.

The best way to do something is to calculate the ROI and combine it with your actual situation.

But I don’t think that much. I haven’t figured out how to sell on Amazon yet, and I don’t want to think about so much.

I will use Temu as a baseline. For example, if I want to sell a product on Amazon, I will check how much this product is selling for on Temu.

This means that the final price and profit of this product on Amazon can be estimated.

Similarly, for products that Temu can quickly find, you can also check on Amazon to see if there are any opportunities.

3. Etsy Product Selection

Many friends may not have heard of Etsy, which is a platform I have always wanted to use.

Unfortunately, I cannot set up an account or allocate resources to use it for now.

Otherwise, I might choose this platform and focus on products with high sales volume.

Once I start using it, I can share it with you. For now, I still focus on Amazon.

This platform is an American handicraft platform that emphasizes originality and has a very wide range of products.

Some colorful pictures can also be used.

There are a lot of Pxnis Rings, Necklaces, and so on.

Usually, I will capture some popular elements on it and use them in my product design to enrich my own product design.

There are also some wood product designs that are worth referring to.

4. Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform

This crowdfunding platform has many novel solutions, products, and designs.

We can find our own product category, combine it with the corresponding product in the platform, and make an upgrade.

Or simply find some fun things, modify them, and create our own product system.

Well, that’s all about expanding product ideas.

The most commonly used is still internal product selection. You can still use my SellerSprite discount code to purchase SellerSprite and select products according to the data I provided.

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