【TRO 23-cv-2935】Quick look! THOITS LAW represents new brand BELLABOOTY waistband to initiate trademark and patent protection

THOITS LAW represents BELLABOOTY for trademark and patent protection in case TRO 23-cv-2935

Part 01 Case Details

Plaintiff Brand: BELLABOOTY

Plaintiff Company: Believe Pursue LLC

Case Number: 23-cv-2935

Type of Lawsuit: Trademark, Patent

Plaintiff Law Firm: THOITS LAW

Date of Lawsuit: May 10, 2023

Part 02 Brand Introduction

BELLABOOTY primarily operates in Los Angeles, California. The plaintiff specializes in the development and marketing of their proprietary hip thrust exercise belt, the “BELLABOOTY Belt”. The BELLABOOTY Belt is a comfortable and effective way to perform glute thrusts and other exercises at home, and can easily be used with dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates. The non-slip cushion protects your buttocks and is suitable for various scenarios such as gyms, home workouts, or travel.

(Image Source: https://www.amazon.com Date Accessed: May 12, 2023)

The BELLABOOTY Belt can be used for glute thrusts anytime, anywhere, by anyone, regardless of weight or location. The original BELLABOOTY Belt fits perfectly on the buttocks. The soft cushion protects the buttocks. The product also uses a safe and effective patented design that provides better balance than a barbell. The setup is simple and can be completed in 20 seconds or less.

Part 03 Patent Information

Plaintiff has registered the BELLABOOTY Belt text trademark below. This text trademark cannot be used without authorization.

Part 04 Trademark Information

The patent information for the BELLABOOTY Belt is as follows:

Note! Please carefully check the above patent information. Even if the product is not identical, similar design concepts may still result in infringement!

Part 05 Product Examples

( Image source: https://www.amazon.com Accessed: May 12, 2023 )


Sellers please carefully refer to the above information and check if there are any similar patterns and text, as well as duplicate design concepts. If unfortunately affected, please promptly take down and handle, and be prepared to respond.

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