Three inventions! Car storage net, hair split trimmer, and rainwater collector have been infringed!

Three inventions have been infringed car storage net, hair split trimmer, and rainwater collector



Car Storage Net

U.S. Patent: US9428115B2

This disclosure provides a barrier device with a substrate, the dimensions of which are determined to roughly span the space between a pair of front seats and slightly behind the console of a motor vehicle.

A first strap is attached at one end to a first lateral side of the substrate and has a second end that can be attached to one of the pair of front seats.

A second strap has one end attached to a second lateral side of the substrate and has a second end that can be attached to the other of the pair of front seats.

A third strap has one end attached to the first lateral side of the substrate at the bottom.

A fourth strap is attached at one end to the second lateral side of the substrate at the bottom.

The other end of each of the third and fourth straps can be connected to each other to engage a console cover of the console.

In short, this patent is about the fact that the top two straps of the net are fixed to the seat, and the bottom straps are fixed to the center console, which would create a risk of infringement.

If the net does not have bottom straps, or if the bottom straps are also fixed to the seat, then this patent is not infringed. For example, the net below:


Rainwater Collector

Use the Oatey® Mystery Rainwater Collection System to easily collect and recycle rainwater. This system is the perfect complement to any garden as it directs rainwater from downspouts to a collection bucket.

U.S. Patent: US8528263B2

The rainwater diverter includes a base component and a sleeve component. The base component includes a tubular conduit that has an upper end and a lower end, the size of which is designed to fit snugly inside the upper end of the downspout portion. Surrounding the tubular conduit is a fluid chamber with an open upper end and a closed bottom, as well as a discharge outlet adjacent to the bottom. The lower end size of the sleeve component is designed to fit snugly inside the open upper end of the chamber, while the upper end size is designed to fit snugly over the lower end of the downspout portion. The sleeve component is shaped to provide a narrow gap between the sleeve component and the upper end of the tubular conduit, which leads to the chamber around the tubular conduit.

In simple terms, when installing a rainwater diverter, a section of the original drainage pipe needs to be cut off, and then the upper and lower parts of the diverter are inserted into the two ends of the gap. Once installed, rainwater will be discharged from the duct into the water tank.

However, the function of this patent is not that simple. If the water tank is already full or if there is too much rainwater for the diverter to handle, the diverter can also be controlled to stop working, allowing rainwater to continue to be discharged along the original pipeline.

Similar structures have a risk of infringement!


Hair Split Ends Trimmer

US Patent US9597811B2

The device and method disclosed and described herein achieve the above objectives by providing a user-configurable, interchangeable hair maintenance tool that allows users to safely and quickly remove substantially equal portions of hair from the far end of the hair that may have split or otherwise become unattractive or unhealthy in appearance. The device can be provided as a kit with various components that can be added or replaced at a detachable junction with the main device to adjust the length of the hair trimming portion. In another configuration, it can also be used to dry hair, or allow for the use of heated, joinable components to straighten or curl certain portions of hair as desired.

This patent was applied for in 2015. In fact, the other company had applied for a similar patent as early as 2001, which has now expired:

It may be that the other party has improved the original split ends trimming function, which is why they applied for another invention patent in 2015.

Similar products with hair split ends trimming function have the risk of infringement!

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