The trademark examination period in the United States has been extended again! How to obtain the certificate quickly?

Trademark examination extended in the US How to quickly obtain certificate?

Trademark examination period in the United States has once again been extended!

McMai found that the current application period for cases under review at USPTO is from July 19, 2022 to August 2, 2022. Based on the timeline, applications submitted before July 18, 2022 should have already completed the initial review process. The trademark review period exceeds 10 months.


With a significant increase in the number of trademark applications in the United States, USPTO is facing enormous pressure as it has accumulated over 500,000 trademark applications waiting for review. As a result, applicants may need to wait longer.

Compared to last year, the time to obtain a trademark certificate in the United States has been extended by nearly two months, from around 8 months to nearly 15 months.


The number of trademark applications in the United States is increasing year by year. The surge in application volume has led to a domino effect, gradually extending the time required for registration and increasing the waiting time for various stages of the trademark process.

Considering various factors, the efficiency of trademark examination is unlikely to improve in the short term, and trademark review is becoming increasingly strict.

Impact of the extended processing time for trademarks on sellers

Delay in entering the US market

Trademark protection is crucial in the United States market. Without it, a product encountering infringement complaints, customs seizures, or platform takedowns may delay the process of entering the market.

Restrictions on the Amazon platform

Major cross-border e-commerce platforms are more friendly to brand stores, such as Amazon’s A+ pages and special privileges for fighting against counterfeits. Without a brand, sellers will not be able to enjoy these benefits.

Encountering malicious complaints will hinder rights protection

The United States attaches great importance to intellectual property rights. Sellers who have a complete set of intellectual property rights will not be afraid of any malicious complaints of infringement.

How to obtain certification quickly?

Even though USPTO has issued an urgent notice of trademark registration delays, it has not stopped sellers from submitting applications for US trademarks. In the face of this situation, how can sellers complete US trademark registration faster?

1. Conduct trademark name verification in advance

Before submitting an application, it is necessary to conduct trademark name verification to avoid problems such as similar trademarks and lack of distinctiveness, which may result in rejection and wasted time and cost.

2. Submit trademark applications as soon as possible

With the backlog of US trademark applications, USPTO’s processing time is likely to be longer than expected. Sellers who intend to register must submit their applications as early as possible to benefit from early registration.

3. Prepare application materials carefully

Incomplete or inaccurate information in the submitted materials may also result in prolonged examination time or rejection of the application.

4. Submit genuine and effective evidence

USPTO is particularly strict in reviewing evidence of sellers’ use of counterfeit or photoshopped evidence. Sellers should use genuine and effective evidence to increase the likelihood of approval.

5. Intention to apply for US trademarks

Intention to apply is more convenient, reduces the risk of rejection, and saves time.

There is no need to prepare evidence at the time of application, and there is no risk of using unqualified evidence being rejected during the examination stage. Therefore, the probability of smooth approval is higher. After obtaining the application number, the applicant can register the trademark on Amazon and start selling. After the notice of approval is issued and there is no objection, the qualified trademark use evidence can be submitted immediately.

Reminder from Maimai: It’s time to take the oath for the US standard trademark of the second half of 2017 to 2018. Failure to do so will result in automatic abandonment and invalidation of the trademark.

As a must-have for most sellers, Maimai suggests that sellers with trademark needs should plan ahead and shorten the time difference to avoid inestimable losses caused by delays.

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