What is UK dedicated line? What are the methods and precautions of UK dedicated line?

UK dedicated line methods and precautions

The UK is one of the most developed cross-border e-commerce markets in the world. It is a highly digitized country, and people’s consumption habits and online shopping habits are already very mature. Moreover, the product types in the UK’s cross-border e-commerce market are very diverse. In addition to traditional clothing, shoes, jewelry and other goods, there are many innovative products. The logistics system in the UK is very convenient, and the logistics services and speed of cross-border e-commerce are very fast. At the same time, the UK is also a logistics hub in Europe, which can provide convenient logistics services for cross-border e-commerce in other European countries.

For cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to enter the UK market, logistics and transportation cannot be avoided. The UK line is very important. The UK line usually refers to the service project of air transportation plus domestic delivery in the UK. It is a direct transport service model to the UK. The model is to use air transport at the front end to deliver to the UK, and then the UK’s local cooperative service provider will perform customs clearance and extraction, and finally deliver it to the express company responsible for local delivery. #UK line#

What is UK line?

UK line is an international dedicated logistics service that combines the advantages of air, land, and sea transportation and integrates with UK domestic express resources. UK lines are generally divided into UK air transportation lines, UK sea transportation lines, and UK land transportation lines.

1. UK air transportation line

The UK air transportation line is delivered by air transportation flights. General cargo flies directly from the mainland to the UK through Hong Kong. After the goods complete customs clearance, they are handed over to UK local express companies such as DPD, Royal Mail, and Yodel for delivery. The whole process is fast with high delivery success rate, even for sensitive goods such as those with electricity and magnetic components.

2. UK Land Transportation Special Line

Land transportation special line is divided into China-Europe Block Train Railway Transportation and China-Europe Card and Air Highway Transportation. After Brexit, the market for China-Europe railway lines to the UK has basically stopped. Currently, it is generally transported through the China-Europe Card and Air Highway. The China-Europe Card and Air Highway directly load containers domestically, and then arrive in London for customs clearance by truck in about 14 days. After customs clearance, they are handed over to the local DPD express company for delivery to the door, with a total time limit of 20-25 days. The price of China-Europe Card and Air Highway is slightly higher than that of sea transportation, and the time limit is comparable to air transportation, which is a good choice for sellers.

3. UK Sea Transportation Special Line

The UK sea transportation special line can use two types of freight transportation: bulk cargo and container transportation. Sea transportation is relatively the cheapest among the three special lines, but the time limit will also be slower, and it will take about 45-55 days for the whole journey to be delivered. Therefore, when choosing sea transportation, you need to reserve more time.

The above are several transportation methods of the UK special line. Currently, the demand for UK special line logistics is relatively large, but everyone also needs to understand the precautions of the UK special line.

What are the precautions for the UK special line

1. UK VAT issues

Although the UK has left the EU, VAT taxes are still important, so you must register a VAT tax number as required to ensure that it does not affect sales in the UK. There are two modes when choosing the UK special line, which are dual clearance package tax and self-tax clearance. Dual clearance package tax refers to using the VAT tax number of the freight forwarder to clear customs, and self-tax clearance refers to clearing customs with your own UK VAT tax number, which is widely applicable and more compliant.

2. Transportation of Goods

There are many restrictions on imported products by the UK customs. The following products are prohibited and cannot be transported:

Illegal drugs and medicines; weapons with attacking capabilities, such as spring-loaded knives; self-defense spray; endangered animals and plants; unpolished diamonds; indecent and obscene items; meat and dairy products from most countries outside the European Union.

Products with batteries, liquids, creams, powders, magnetic properties, food books, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, cosmetics, etc. are all sensitive products. Although they can be shipped, a special dedicated line must be chosen to send them to the UK. In addition, the corresponding certification documents must be obtained in accordance with UK policy requirements, and the products must be packaged as required.

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