No need to worry about naughty kids knocking over their plates anymore – US Ezpz one-piece silicone dinner plate infringement warning

US Ezpz one-piece silicone dinner plate warns against infringement, no more worries about naughty kids knocking over plates

Ezpz was invented by a mom to solve the problem of her three children struggling to eat.

Traditional suction-based baby tableware is separate, and babies can easily pull them off with just a little force, and cannot adhere for a long time. The EZPZ suction plate adopts an integrated design, which can be perfectly attached to a smooth surface. No matter how hard the baby tries, he/she cannot take it off. No matter how naughty your baby is or how strong he/she is, he/she can no longer overturn the plate to protest. After several failed attempts, he/she will obediently eat.

The trick to removing ezpz is to “roll it up from the corners”. When slowly peeling off the edge of the mat, apply a little more force and it can be removed.

This small, convenient, and dishwasher-safe plate has naturally been favored by many moms. According to the product’s characteristics, Ezpz has applied for a patent in the United States, which includes the features of the above products.

US9462903B2 applied on July 17, 2014, and has been approved and certified. The patent has three exclusive rights, and there is a risk of infringement as long as all features described in any one of the requirements are met. Due to the length, only the features of exclusive right one are introduced here for reference.


A surface contact self-sealing integrated tableware and mat, comprising a rubber-like flat portion [20] having a raised perimeter, the raised perimeter surrounding at least one container [32] around at least one concave surface [30] above the upper surface [26], and a completely diffused lower surface [24], which is set to be in sealed contact with the lower surface of the mat, and the sealed contact prevents the flat portion from laterally displacing on the lower surface; except for the outer edge of the flat portion, when attempting to separate the lower surface from the lower surface, the sealed contact generates partial vacuum, so that the flat portion can only be effectively removed from the lower surface by first peeling off the lower surface from the outer edge [22]. In short, this mat contains an upper surface with at least one concave surface and a lower surface in close contact with the table. Design patent USD745327S1: Estimated expiration date: December 15, 2029. That’s all for this issue. Thank you for watching.

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