Cross-border infringement warning – be careful of infringement with metal polishing paste

Warning Possible Cross-border Infringement with Metal Polishing Paste

Product Introduction

This is a multi-purpose metal polishing paste with low volatility and no toxins. It contains ultra-fine abrasive particles that can process the surface of the metal to a mirror effect. The product can remove the oxidation layer that accumulates over time and cover the metal surface with an ultra-thin protective layer, preventing the metal from oxidizing again and keeping it looking new for a long time.

Product Features

Multiple effects in one: cleaning, polishing, and caring all in one. It is suitable for cleaning stainless steel, iron, silver, and other metal jewelry, achieving the effect of surface polishing, making the surface gloss brighter while also forming a protective layer to protect the metal from weathering and keeping it shining for a long time.

Safety and environmental protection: The product has low volatility and has been certified by international health organizations with low toxicity and no harm to the environment. It is a “World Quality Evaluation Conference” gold medal product.

Product Usage

First, spread the paste polishing agent on the surface of the desired object until it becomes transparent, and then wipe off the residue with a clean soft cloth. The product is also suitable for kitchen utensils, gold, silver, and equipment machines, and can easily remove impurities and rust with just one use.

Product Brand

After searching, the product belongs to the Autosol brand. The Autosol brand was founded in Germany in 1929. It has three manufacturing bases worldwide and is currently distributed in more than 70 countries and regions, showing that the product is very popular. Some well-known brands such as BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen use their products. Some of their products have also won the famous Monde Selection Gold Award, which is awarded by the Belgian International High-Quality Research Institute. This product can be said to be one of the most popular products of Autosol brand. Its special formula can easily remove oxidation, corrosion, and stains on metal while leaving an invisible protective layer, making the product gloss better.

Product Official Website


Product Trademark

The product has registered graphic trademarks in multiple countries such as the United States, Canada, and Germany.

US Trademark Number: 79005123/79099471 (Displayed in the United States only)

The specific details of the US graphic trademark are shown in the figure below:

Registered Categories

3 Renovation agents, namely shampoos and soaps for car carpets and interiors, interior cleaners, multipurpose cleaners and car cleaners; polishing agents, namely polishing powder, car polishing paste and car polishing liquid; car cleaners.

1 Antifreeze; 3 Decorative agents, namely shampoos and fragrant shampoos for car carpets and interiors, interior cleaners, multipurpose cleaners and car cleaners; polishing agents, namely polishing powder, car polishing paste and car polishing liquid; car wash agents; cleaning and polishing paper, degreasers for car engines, disposable wipes immersed in cleaning chemicals or compounds, glass cloth, heavy-duty multi-purpose degreasers, impregnated cloth for polishing, paint and varnish stripping or removing agents, all for use in cars, ships, and planes.

Product Summary

The product belongs to the Autosol brand and currently has registered graphic trademarks in multiple countries like the United States and Canada. Please note that there is a risk of trademark infringement complaints and copyright infringement.

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