How much value can an excellent foreign trade management software bring to the enterprise?

What is the value of good foreign trade management software for a business?

When it comes to foreign trade management software, most people’s understanding only stays at the level of “managing customers” and “managing orders”. Little do they know that besides these basic functions, foreign trade management software has many other values. It can even assist clients throughout the entire sales cycle at different levels. Today we will take the example of Fumeng MX to list the values that an outstanding foreign trade management software can bring to a company.


Managing sales teams

Fumeng MX software has a professional “subordinate” section that allows team managers to have an overview of each department’s sales behavior. The dimensions involve changes in the number of customers, changes in customer survival rate, customer distribution, department activity, employee work reports, etc. These pieces of information can assist managers in understanding employees’ work content, supervising their work efficiency, and measuring their work value.

In addition, for the core email marketing link, “Fumeng Mail” in Fumeng MX has a special identity switching entrance, which supports managers with relevant operation permissions to switch subordinates’ emails with one click, urging email replies. The transparent business process greatly improves the conversion rate of inquiries.

Managing performance data

Performance data can truly reflect the company’s operating conditions and maintenance status. Therefore, on the basis of the traditional data center, Fumeng MX added a funnel-shaped data model to help managers more intuitively understand the current business trends. All dimensional reports in the system support custom settings, and managers can flexibly create report modules and display and statistical fields according to their needs. These contents will provide powerful data support for future sales decisions.

Customer Data Management

Fumeng MX always advocates paperless office and supports batch import of customer information, turning the software system into a brand customer resource library. Customer information is digitized and archived, so companies no longer have to worry about employees taking away customers when they leave or losing customers accidentally during transactions. Of course, users can also classify and tag customer information for group management and operation of customers in different lifecycles.

Process Management System

Fumeng MX can penetrate into every level of the sales process, from the progress of foreign trade cooperation to the follow-up and collaboration rhythm, and provide backend support for ongoing business processes. When the business process flows to a new node, the system will send a reminder to the person in charge of that node to ensure timely handling. The same business process is presented in a visualized state, and the person in charge of different nodes can check the progress of the process at any time to ensure that no tasks are missed and no information is isolated.


Expand New Customer Market

Fumeng MX aggregates three efficient customer acquisition channels: trade big data, global customer search, and AI intelligent recommendation. With just one software, users can enjoy access to import data from 57 countries and export data from 44 countries, covering more than 200 countries and over 40 million purchasing data. Users can quickly obtain a large number of target customers by searching through fields such as HS codes, product keywords, and purchaser/supplier names.

Investigate Competitors’ Strengths

Knowing oneself and the enemy can help win every battle. When competing for the choice of target customers, it is necessary to conduct a background check. This is another use of the Fumeng MX customer search function – background check and investigation. If you already have a target for investigation, you can directly search for it using keywords. If you want to view the competitors of the same customer, you can check their supply chain upstream and downstream while browsing the details of potential customers.

Develop Customer Marketing

The EDM system of Fumeng MX is impressive. Firstly, in terms of content, users can easily refer to the built-in template library to carry out email marketing. Secondly, in terms of execution, when facing a large number of customers, Fumeng MX supports the formulation of automated marketing strategies. The system will automatically execute related marketing operations based on the trigger conditions set by the user. Finally, in terms of data, all emails sent through Fumeng MX will be tracked by the system for subsequent behavior status, making it easy for users to judge the effectiveness of EDM marketing and achieve differentiated marketing layout.

A good tool is the first step to success. If an excellent foreign trade management software can fully play its functional value, it will definitely bring great changes to the enterprise. Fumeng MX will continue to develop business modules that match market demand, providing intelligent cloud operating systems for foreign trade enterprises, and helping one million foreign trade enterprises achieve intelligent management.

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